Hugh Glass

Westward Expansion

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I moved west seeking freedom and fortune. And i believe I made the right choice by journeying West. Life as a frontiersman here is hard, but much better than where I grew up. I believe I impacted westward expansion by mapping many lands, and by expanding the fur trade. Everyone was talking about this thing called "Manifest Destiny". They claimed that not only could the U.S expand from coast to coast, but it was destined to happen. I do agree with this, as I am living in the time of Westward Expansion. I faced quite a few challenges during expansion, the biggest being brutally mauled by a bear, and other like facing the indians. Their raiding our camps never seemed to stop. I finally settled in Missouri. Life in Missouri is very peaceful, and I never have any more problems.... Usually. I hoped to achieve respect, and to help map out our growing territories.

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