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Hello all...

How are we in the second week of June...I know most of us are wrapping up the end of the school year...Thinking about summer plans...Speaking of summer plans...I would love to know who is going to HOOPLA!!!!! I have a reservation for us at the hotel for dinner on July 24th. We have a private room so we can all sit back and relax and talk about KEEP and form ever lasting friendships!! Please respond on the link below....And for those of you still thinking about...COME!!! If you need to chat about why and how to make this event possible, Please contact me!!!

KEEPer Campaign information below! Let's show how strong our team is and have everyone post! And new TimeKey coming this month too....

Let me know if you have any questions!!!!! You guys are all amazing! KEEP Smiling and making KEEP memories!!!



Team Dinner in Dallas

Friday, July 24th, 7:30pm

Stemmons Fwy

Dallas, TX

Media Bar and Grill....At the Hotel so do not have to travel far.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

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June TimeKey Capsule Launch

The launch of the new TimeKey, available in Silver or Gold! The TimeKey Capsule will launch for Designer Sampling and Customer purchases on June 24th. During sampling, Designers can double their discount to 50% by having qualified with 300 PQV in either May or June. Sampling will begin on the 24th and end on July 1st. Designers who qualify for 50% sampling will be able to sample ANY TimeKey (including existing styles) at 50% off. Limit one per Designer. Stay tuned for booking images coming in a few weeks!

Keeper Campaign

The first ever My Keeper Campaign was launched yesterday! Share your Selfie featuring your favorite Keeper and its special meaning this week using hashtags #KeepCollective and #IKeepHappy! Don't forget to tag @KeepCollective and the rest of your KEEP family to keep the chain going! Check out the Lounge for more information and resources: My Keeper Campaign.
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Don't forget to share this "About Us" Video!

About Us | KEEP Collective
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June marks the end of some things and the beginning of others – milestones that can be opportunities for you to connect with new people about KEEP. Make your Summer Sizzle! Frontload your Socials to the first 2 weeks of June to lock in your 1000 PQV for that exclusive scarf! Then decide how many times you want to collect $100 for personally sponsoring new Designers who sell $750 in their first 60 days.

Prospecting thought starters for June:
ü High School & College Graduation – Moms & Students
ü Empty nester Moms with new found time
ü School is out – Pop up Socials are in!
ü June marks the end of the school year for teachers who make great Designers! ü Wedding Season is in full swing
ü Outdoors season has begun

Also, check out our activation calendar on the last page for a month of fun while you grow your business.

WEEK #1 – Selling Graduation gifts for high school and college graduates and their proud Moms. Gifts for special teachers/professors. Sponsoring opportunity with teachers who have the summer off. Also, Moms who are sending their kids off to college will be looking for a new opportunity – KEEP is perfect!
WEEK#2 – Temperatures are rising and days are longer – people are outside – so go where they are! Pack your lawn chairs and portable table and hit the parks, beaches, community pools, splash pads, for pop up socials. Meet new people to prospect. Babysitting provided Socials, Margarita pool side Socials, Family style BBQ-ing husbands and kids playing Socials, Banana Split Socials – mix it up and have fun!

WEEK #3 – Wedding Season - Target brides to be for a special KEEPer for her and unique personalized bridesmaid gifts. Also, introduce her to the opportunity to earn her honeymoon by being a KEEP Designer. WEEK #4- Swimming lessons, Vacations, Boating – with our new summer collection of keys & KEEPers – you can easily attract and sell to this audience with great mock ups on Social Media – Online Socials or in person. Sponsor for a guilt free vacation – they become a Designer and pay that vacation off right away.

June Words to Say:

  • “Nancy, so excited to hear about Anne’s acceptance to xxx College – check out this KEEPer I designed in honor of her decision – so cute! Let’s get her friends and their Moms together so they can each have one for their new journey. Yours will be free! Call you tomorrow to see when is good fot you”

  • “Jessica, I was thinking now that school is out – I could help you with a new paycheck at KEEP Collective – it is fun and easy and not like work at all. heck out this video about KEEP and I will call you tomorrow to chat.”

  • Jen, I know your wedding date is fast approaching – I designed this with you in mind for your bridesmaids – I have lots of great gift ideas and yours can be free – let’s get together – what day is good for you?

  • Ashley, I know how much you love KEEP – it just occurred to me that KEEP could pay for your honeymoon if you become a Designer – would love to show you how! Will call you tomorrow to fill you in – here is our opportunity brochure – take a look and check out all the perks!”

  • “Kelly, you have been on my mind – I was thinking it would be so fun to work together. I love my KEEP business and I think you would do – let’s have coffee and chat – in the meantime check out this video & opportunity brochure. Will call you tomorrow to see when is a good time to get together”

  • “Erica, I was just thinking – I know Allie takes swimming (sailing, tennis) lessons. Wouldn’t it be fun to get the other Moms together while the kids are swimming and design Keepers – you would get yours free! Isn’t this design adorable? Will call you tomorrow to see what day is best.”

  • “Stella, saw that you have booked a fabulous vacation this summer. I was just thinking you could become a KEEP Designer since you love KEEP and you could have all kinds of spending money for your trip! Will touch base tomorrow but check out this video in the meantime”