Mrs. Reuter's Class Chronicles

March 28-April 1, 2016

Our Class

Language Arts

In Language Arts this week, we started our last literature circles of the year. In class, we have a routine we do each day after our reading. First, we discuss our books. Each group has a different book to discuss, but everyone is reading a Newbery Medal or Newbery Honor book. After we discuss our books, the discussion director had to use BoomWriter, a website, to write about the main points of our discussion. After we did that, we scanned QR codes. The QR codes took us to a Padlet. There is a different Padlet each day with a different question to answer. If we finished early, then we could start reading for tomorrow's homework. We also did some Writer's Workshop, where we worked on our fourth quarter writing choices. Overall in Language Arts this week, we learned lots of new things!

By Morgan & Tu


During Science, we learned about classifying organisms (taxonomy). We learned about the five different kingdoms. We also learned about vertebrates and invertebrates. We had to complete 20 questions where we classified 20 different animals as an exit ticket. We watched a short video and answered questions about the kingdoms. In our notebooks, we wrote down different characteristics of vertebrate and invertebrate groups, for example, mollusks have mantles and soft bodies. We also used an app, Classify It, to play a game where we had to figure out which organisms had the characteristics listed. Then, on Thursday, we practiced using dichotomous keys to classify aliens, and on Friday we created our own dichotomous keys on Keynote.

By Ethan H. & Tejal

Social Studies

This week in Social Studies, we began working on our state project. This project is due on May 20, so there is no excuse for not doing it. Mrs. Reuter walked us through this project and she taught us how to do it. She also showed us some good examples from the previous students that did this project. For this project, we all chose a state. We all chose a state during the beginning of the year. This project contains 17 parts. This project is not due for a long time because there are so many parts to it. There is also 20 points worth of extra credit. So we are pretty excited for that. Another cool thing about this project is that we will be turning it all in digitally on the Seesaw app.

By Rod & Jaina

Design Thinking

Since last week was spring break, we did not have Design Thinking. Instead of talking about Design Thinking, we are going to share what people did over spring break. Our class did lots of very fun things! Tedla went on a cruise and he also went to New York. Maya went to Disneyland. Tu went to Florida. Greta went to Iceland. Jaina stayed at home. Morgan went camping. Abby went to her grandma's house. Matt went to his grandparent's house. Katie had a birthday party sleepover. Ethan Hunt went to Lake Tahoe. What a fun break!

By Tedla & Jessica


Art with Ms. Martucci

In Art this week, we drew fake flowers. Mrs. Martucci put out fake flowers for us to draw as well as a notebook of flower pictures we could draw. Some of the flowers we could choose from were roses, a daffodil, apple blossoms, and a purple flower. We used pencils to shade the drawings. We did not have to use color. We used different techniques to make value. Value is dark and light shades, which is also known as black and white. To make this, we used erasers and paper towels to change the value of pencil.

By Abby & Amanda

Music with Mrs. Kim (Mr. Mac)

We had a good music class this week. This week in Music, Mrs. Kim wasn't here because she had her baby on Sunday. Instead, Mr. Mac taught us ukulele. We also rehearsed the "Star Spangled Banner." This was because we performed it at our Friday assembly. In Music, Mr.Mac had us sing our songs and vote which were the best ones to sing and then the "Star Spangled Banner" won. Mrs. Reuter told Mrs. Ondrof that we were to perform the "Star Spangled Banner." Then we practiced ukulele. Music was very fun this week!

By Rand & Greta

PE with Ms. Davis & Mr. Ussery

This week in PE, the boys and girls split up. On Tuesday, the girls stayed in with Ms. Davis, and the boys went out with Mr. Ussery. On Thursday, they switched.

In the gym with Ms. Davis, we practiced for the fitness test. We did as many push-ups as we could for a minute, we practiced sit and reach, and we did as many sit-ups as we could in a minute. After practicing for the fitness test next week, we played volleyball and basketball. Half of the gym was reserved for volleyball, and the other half was reserved for basketball. The girls playing volleyball split into two circles and bumped the volleyball. Girls playing basketball practiced shooting hoops.

Outside with Mr. Ussery, we played ultimate frisbee. First, we ran 4 laps, we did 20 push ups, 40 sit ups, we practiced sit and reach, and we also practiced the flex arm hang for the fitness test. In Ultimate Frisbee, we split into two teams. On each side of the field were two touchdown areas. The goal of the game was to catch the frisbee in the touchdown area. When Mr. Ussery threw the frisbee into the air, the teams would try to catch the frisbee. Once you got hold of the frisbee, you could pass it to your teammates. If they do not catch the ball, the other team will get a free pickup. We had fun in PE, and we look forward to fitness testing next week.

By Maya & Katie


FIERCE Time with Ms. Johnson

FIERCE this week was fun, like always. We each drew on a big paper split into thirds. The left third was our past, the right was our future, and the middle was the bridge connecting our past to our future. Your past could be anything you remember of it, and same with your future. Your bridge could be anything you want; scary, calm, etc. You could also create any type of weather, or time of day. You could have a sun, and it could be snowing, or anything else. Also, all you had to do was make it neat. You were supposed to take your time, and make your drawing thoughtful. I think the drawings were very good. Ms. Johnson said the project was supposed to make you see yourself a little better. This was a very fun project!

By Nick & Diane

Spanish with Señorita Webb

This week in Spanish, we got a Spanish packet which had to be labeled with all the numbers by Wednesday. You have to label it like cinco for the fifth page, seis for the sixth page, etc. You also have to fill in the pages by the end of the year. The packet reviews all the information we need to know for 6th grade. We also played swish some more to practice our vocabulary. We also learned about Webb bucks, which is used to purchase stuff in her store. If any one person in the class manages to finish the packet by Wednesday, Ms. Webb will throw us a piñata party. She also said it will cost $1,000 Webb bucks to visit the store, but it will have very fun things in it like Legos! Spanish was very fun this week!

By Ethan F. & Matt

Coming Up Next

Next week, in Language Arts, the students will continue with their literature circle novels. The students are doing an excellent job with our literature circle routine and are recording some excellent responses to literature on our Padlets. Next week, we will also begin to learn about different types of figurative language and poetic devices by creating an interactive dictionary on Keynote. In Science, we will be moving on from our classification of organisms into taking an in-depth look at animal, plant, and bacteria cells. On Friday, the students will be taking a short classification quiz to review what we have learned. On Monday and Wednesday, the students will be completing an interactive cell webquest. In Social Studies, we will begin looking at the aftermath of the American Revolution and the steps the newly independent colonists had to take to set up their government. The students will also receive some class time to work on their state reports.

Mrs. Reuter

Parents: Try it out!

The students did an excellent job creating their own interactive dichotomous keys to review classification of organisms. Check out this completed Keynote and try classifying some organisms at home.

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