Robert Hooke

By:Shelby Black

Who is your scientist?

My scientist is Robert Hooke.

What year were they born and when did they die?

He was born July 28, 1635, and he died March 3, 1703.

Their childhood, where they went to school, did they get married?What was their life like before they became a famous scientist?

As a child, Hooke became ill of smallpox, unlike other children who got smallpox he survived. He went to school at London's Westminster school, and he also went to Oxford's Christ Church College. Hooke never married. Hooke was an assistant to the scientist Robert Boyle. He also was a professor of geometry at Gresham College in London.

What are they famous for?What did they accomplish to help us?

Robert Hooke discovered the law of elasticity, also known as Hooke's law. He also was one of the first men to build a Gregorian reflecting telescope, he discovered the fifth star in Trapezium, and he first suggested that Jupiter rotates on its axis. One of his biggest accomplishments was he first used the word cell to name the microscopic honeycomb cavities of cork. He also discovered that all living things are made up of cells.

What are three interesting facts you learned that is not mentioned above?

Hooke was not only a scientist but an architect. He was also a very skilled mathematician. He took a course of twenty lessons on the organ.
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