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Child Care is the best

I want to encourage EC professionals to build strong,positive partnership with parents.Mr Chan Chun Sing hope the EC community can be strong and vibrant.Mr Chan Chun also hope teachers with valuable experiences and knowledge can mentor younger teachers.

Here are some questions :

What are your hopes for parents ?

Parenting is a lifelong journey.I am a parent of three.As parents,we want children to develop at their own pace,and grow to be curios,happy and confident,with good values.Parents and teachers are partners in this journey.This has to be partnership based on trust and mutual respect.As with any relationship,it takes time and effort to develop.I hope parents can take time to be involved with their children and teachers through events or classroom activities.Teachers play their part by keeping parents informed about the child's development and needs.

On the road to quality

Professional Development (CPD) Masterplan,better career prospect as well as development opportunities are in store for early childhood leaders and educators in Singapore.
EU life long learning programme
Towards a very hard lifelong learning.

Watch this video.This video is sad.Check this video.