Catastrophic Events In Texas

Oil Spill In The Gulf Of Mexico

What Caused The Oil Spill In The Gulf Of Mexico?

The Oil Spill In The Gulf Of Mexico happened in April 20, 2010. British Petroleum was the type of oil rig that exploded. The explosion caused 12,000 to 100,000 barrels of oil to spread all along the gulf of Mexico each day.

What Happened To The Animals That Lived In The Gulf?

For dolphins, pelicans, fishes, sea turtles, ducks, and whales are all the same effect. They can ingest the oil in the water and can cause respiratory problems in their lungs and organs and if the oil gets in their eyes, it causes their vision to be difficult. When birds dive in to the ocean to get a fish, their wings can be covered in oil and causes difficulty to fly or in some cases they would not be able to fly at all. When whales and dolphins come up for air, their blowholes would be covered in oil and will enter their bodies and the lungs and organs are damaged.

How Much Of The Animal Population In The Gulf Decreased?

Unfortunately, about 8,000 birds, sea turtles, and marine mammals were injured or found dead in the six months the oil spill was going on.

What Was The Impact On The Landscape?

The ocean was being covered in oil and the land around it. And also the air that was intoxicated with oil and smoke fumes.

What Kind Of Things Did People Do To Help The Animals Affected By The Oil Spill Disaster?

Many people volunteered in animal clinics and the soap "Dawn" made a commercial about using their soap to clean the animals affected by the oil spill and to prevent it from happening and also to volunteer in the clinics to help wash the animals.

What Happened After The Oil Spill Was Cleaned Up and The Animals Were Back To Their Homes?

Many people celebrated the oil spill clean up and people were finding ways to prevent the oil spill from happening again. The animals were saved and back to their homes; scientists were making more discoveries of how the oil spill started. But in the end, it has changed people mind's of how they thought about animals and helped find ways to prevent the disaster to happen again.

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