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Graduation, EOC's and Summer...OH MY!

May 25th, the last day of school will be here before you know it. On May 27th, we will watch another group of tenacious seniors having earned their diploma, move that tassel to the other side of the cap and set foot on a new adventure in life leaving high school in the rearview mirror. We are so proud of these seniors, who had a bumpy ride during the middle two years of high school, in all that they have accomplished.


Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year! For those of you who are new to CHS and/or The Spartan Scoop, or need a friendly refresher, this monthly newsletter will contain information in the following areas, but not limited to: School Counseling programming and events, grade level specific info, student specific info, scholarships, college info, career info, military info, social emotional health info and more! It is important that both students and their parents/guardians browse the information in these newsletters.
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CHS Counseling Office Summer Hours

The CHS Counseling Office will have limited hours of operation during the summer. Please check out the CHS Counseling office website to see when we are open. Since Counselors are not on contract, starting June 3rd, please send any communication to This account will be checked twice each week so your patience with a reply is greatly appreciated.

Important upcoming dates.

Feel free to refer to these dates on the CHS Counseling website with click-able links.

Summer School Options

There are 4 options for summer classes in Cobb County.

  1. Local School Course Extension....dates/times TBD. Must have failed the class with a 60-69 in class.
  2. CCSD Summer Recovery (must have failed the course first). Locations TBD
  3. Cobb Virtual Academy (can take course for initial credit)
  4. Georgia Virtual School (can take course for initial credit)

Details that aren't yet available will be posted HERE when available.

SENIORS!!! Class of 2022!

Graduation Information

All information pertaining to graduation can be found on the CHS website on the Class of 22 page. Please be sure to read the CHS Graduation Information Packet to find answers to all of your questions.

For ALL seniors attending college---READ THIS! Due May 14th

Selecting College to receive your final transcript--Due May 14th.

In order to register for & begin college classes, your college/university MUST receive an official copy of your final high school transcript. All CHS Seniors will receive ONE transcript to be sent to their attending college for FREE. Should a senior need more than one transcript, they should pay $2 per additional transcript to Mrs. Askew in Counseling or on MyPaymentsPlus AND fill out this form to request an additional transcript.

Instructions on how to "Set College as Attending" in Naviance to receive the 1 free transcript:

-Log into Naviance

-Colleges Tab

-Colleges I'm Applying to

-Under the list of colleges, drop down the box "College I'm Attending" and select the attending college from the drop down list of colleges that you applied to.

A few reasons for needing an additional transcript:

-Student has not decided which college to attend

-Student will be a NCAA or NAIA college athlete

-Student is still completing applications

Free application at VSU until April 30th!

Apply here.

Juniors!! Class of 2023

Howard University Mentoring Event--This Thursday

Howard University is reaching out to share with CHS students an opportunity to engage with Howard University alumni who are leading professionals in their respective fields. Our "Career Speed Share" event is an annual favorite where students rotate to spend a little time meeting different HU alumni to learn who they are, and then students get to introduce themselves and share their aspirations to gain insight from the alumni on how to chart their course for success.

Date: Thursday, April 28th

Time: 7:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

Register to Attend on Eventbrite: Search Career Speed Share or go to link:

Are you interested in applying to an Academy?

Ossoff GA Academy Day

If your student is interested in the service academies, Senator Ossoff is hosting a GA Academy Day on Saturday, April 30th 2022 at Dobbins Air Reserve Base. There is a form at to express interest in the event but there is a note on the form stating "Completion of this form does not guarantee admittance to the event. Upon completion of the form, confirmed attendees should expect to receive a formal invitation via email from the Air Force to the email provided, which will include logistics information such as address and parking instructions."

There are 4 big advantages to taking the June ACT-

  1. Students are still in "school" mode, so they're mentally warmed-up for testing.
  2. They've got plenty of time to submit applications for scholarships and schools if they meet their performance goals.
  3. If they decide to retest, they know the areas they need to work on.
  4. June is one of only three chances per year to purchase their Test Information Release (TIR) to help them prep. A TIR is an official copy of their questions, the answer key, and the answers they submitted.

June is the perfect time to take the ACT, register by May 6th

Sophomores!! Class of 2024

Things to do the summer between 10th & 11th grade:

1. Get a job (scroll down to see job openings)

2. Read

3. Volunteer

4. Travel

5. Take a class to get ahead (see summer school options above)

6. Attend a summer enrichment program (see enrichment program section below)

At the end all be all, DO SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE!

Freshman!! Class of 2024

End of Freshman year thoughts....

Process these thoughts/ideas about your first year of high school:

  • How did your first year in high school go? Better or worse than you expected it to go?
  • What will you change about your 10th grade year?
  • Have you given more thought about what life will look like after high school? (College, career, military)
  • What do you hope to get involved in next year that you didn't do this year?
  • What is 1 thing that you hope you do NOT carry over into your 10th grade year?
  • Did you take the opportunity to meet your school counselor?
  • If college is in your future, what must-haves does your college(s) need?
  • If a career is in your future, what are you doing RIGHT NOW to prepare for that career?
  • One class I am looking forward to my 10th grade year is....
  • Was there a teacher or adult at CHS that made an impact on your first year?

What other questions/thoughts would you add?

Beyond the Classroom...

Summer Enrichment Programs in Naviance

Does your student want to do something "productive" during the summer vs the normal summer slump?

In addition to scholarships and doing college & career "stuff" in Naviance, did you know you can also view upcoming enrichment programs that typically happen during the summer? Programs are added and updated as we receive information. Well, now you do!

Here's how to plug into these great opportunities:

1. Go to your Naviance Account. Don't remember how to do this? Click here.

2. Click on the Colleges Tab

3. Click on Enrichment Programs

Things to know about Enrichment Programs:

  • There are day and overnight programs
  • There are free programs and costly programs
  • Sometimes there are opportunities for scholarships to pay for the programs and this would be included in the program's information
  • They can be academic, career oriented, service oriented, leadership oriented to name a few
  • Some programs are local and some require travel
  • Universities/Colleges, companies or organizations host the programs

For example, check out this Georgia Scholars' Institute at University of West Georgia

Job & Internship Opportunities

Use the QR code below to access the updated list of job and internship opportunities in the community. Check back often to see who is hiring!
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