Initial Reflection

Thoughts on Classroom Technology

What do you think this class is all about?

I think this class is all about how to incorporate the use of technology in a classroom as a teacher.
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What do you hope to learn during this class?

During the next few weeks in this class I am hoping to learn new ways to educate not only myself but also others on how to use different tools technology today has to offer. This is my first time using smore and I am really liking the whole set up of it.

What are your preconceived notions about the use of technology in the classroom?

My preconceived notions about the use of technology in the classroom is that it can bring a positive outcome in others. I say it can bring a positive outcome because with technology you are able to be as creative as you want. Also you are able to show the students other ways of learning instead of just using the formal pen and paper activities or lectures.

What do you plan to do to be successful in this course?

To be successful in Technology in the Classroom I plan to stay on task, do my work, stay positive everyday, be on present and on time to class, and be as creative and unique as I can throughout the different projects.

What are your expectations for yourself as a student in this technology class?

The expectations I have for myself as a student in this course is to learn something new and also be able to take that with me as I take the road to becoming a teacher. I also expect to enjoy what I am doing and work hard in the class.

What are your expectations for yourself as a future teacher using (or not using) technology in your classroom?

My expectations for myself as a future teacher using technology in my classroom is to give the students a chance to use the technology as well and not just have me show them this is this and that is that. I want to be able to give the student the opportunity to show me that they can handle/use the new technologies today to their advantage.
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Will the kind of student you are now reflect the type of teacher you might become later? Why or why not?

I truly believe that the type of student I am now will reflect how I am as a future teacher. If I start to slack off now who knows that as a teacher I'll greet the class with "Hey kids! So I forgot to do my lesson plans for today but we are just going to wing it and go with the flow." I do not want to be that teacher. As a student I work hard at everything, bring a positive mindset, and expand on my education. I am constantly learning everyday. I want to be the teacher that knows what she is talking about.

What issues will you face in your journey to become a teacher? How can this class help you overcome these issues?

I think issues I will face in my journey is feeling like I'm not good enough, that I am not smart, that I don't say what I am thinking because I am afraid of being wrong or looking stupid. I think this course can help me find a way to show that YES I can do this and YES this is what I have to say!
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