how to use the delivery phone 05

By Billie

The delivery phone 05.

I designed this so you don't have to go to the post office every time you need to deliver something to anyone anywhere its very easy to use here's how.


  • First plug the delivery box cable to the wall. Then connect the phone box and the delivery box together with the master cable.

  • Next type the person that you are deliverings number on the phone box. The person doesn't have to have the delivery phone they just need the delivery box.

  • Then put your delivery in the delivery box slot and your delivery has been sent. It takes a little while to get to them so you can talk on the phone while you wait.

Top Tip.

If you want the person to get the parcel if they are not home you can still put it in the box because it will wait for the person to get in the house for the phone to start ringing.