A Taste of Texas

Puerto Rican Immigration to Texas

Puerto Rican Flag

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Push Factors

Puerto Ricans wanted to move from Puerto Rico mainly because they had economic challenges.

Pull Factors

The reason Puerto Ricans wanted to immigrate to Texas was becasue Texas was just starting out as a part of the U.S. and Puerto Ricans also wanted new oppurtunities and a fresh, new start.

*The Puerto Ricans mainly settled in the North/NorthEast Texas regions*

Puerto Rican Culture

Food- Some of the food that is made in Puerto Rico today is very different than food that you think of when you think of Mexican food. When you think of Mexican food, you think of tacos, and enchiladas, right? Well think of Puerto Rican food. Drawing a blank? I'm here to fix that.

Ana Maria Maynard

Ana Maria Maynard wanted to keep the Puerto Rican culture in Texas alive, so she decided she would open Austin's Puerto Rican Folkloric Dance and Cultural Center in 1997. It offers classes and performances in dance, culture, and music to keep the culture alive!

Fun Facts!

-Puert Rico has over 270 miles of beaches! That's a lot of beach!

-It is one of the most densely populated islands in the world, and it's only about the size of Connecticut!

-Puerto Rico was discovered by the one and only, Christopher Columbus.

-The unofficial mascot is a native, a very tiny tree frog that can only be found in Puerto Rico.

- About 50% of Puerto Ricans live in the U.S., not in Puerto Rico.


Puerto Ricans have affected Texas by bringing a whole new culture to it, along with new food, stories, and history to learn about. Without Puerto Ricans, Texas would not have as many Hispanic restaurants, and less Hispanics, altogether.

Analysis Part 2

Yes, I do think Texas is better off because of immigration, because Texas would only have Americans in it, which is not bad, but having people from other countries can lead you to new foods, new friends, and even a new life.


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By Jessica Hernandez 4th Pd. Puerto Rico