(not made for guns anymore)

what is gun metal made of

gun metal is a type of Bronze, an alloy of copper (88%), tin (10%), and zinc (2%)

how was gunmetal discoverd

No-one knows when the first metal was found and used. It was probably what is called native copper, which is sometimes found in large lumps on the ground.

physical properties of gunmetal

gunmetal casts and machines well.

gunmetal is corrosion resistant to steam and salt water.

and is suitable for valves, pump parts, and steam fittings.

what is gunmetal used for?

gunmetal is used for valves,pump parts, and steam fittings due to its anti corrosive resistances

what chemical properties does gunmea have?

gunmetal has a anti corrosion property about it, so it is perfect to work with saltwater and steam.