Scientific Revolution

Jennyfer Casas

Change In Scientific Revolution :

It happened in the mid 1500s. The Scientific Revolution was time when people brought up a New way of thinking about the natural world. New things were discovered around this time .

Impact in Society :

The ideas that were brought up during the Scientific Revolution informed more people and changed their thought of how everything really was . An example is how they came up with the idea that the sun was in the center. There were many more .

Their was also and improve in economy due to new technology that was made.

People Associated With the Scientific Revolution :

Scientific Revolution and Modern Day :

The ideas that people came up with during the Scientific Revolution is modern day still known to be truth .

Scientific Method :

Copernicus, Kepler, and Galileo came up with the idea of Scientific Method. An Idea that is now used as well. The Scientific Method is the strategy for gathering and testing ideas.
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