NEWSLETTER 25 November 2020

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Kia ora koutou

What a fabulous weekend we had at the A&P Show. We had lots of laughs and really enjoyed students as they used their sales pitches to sell their wares.

We now look forward to our Market Day - details further in the newsletter.

At this time of year end of year reports, summations, administrative tasks, staffing and appraisals take place. We also look to 2021 and start thinking about class placements - it is imperative we have everyone enrolled so if you have someone coming that we don't know about please contact the office.

End of year out and about activities happen as do special treat days at school.

This newsletter has all dates needed so please mark these on your calendar.

At the years end Ms Trigg, our Assistant Principal leaves Hawera Intermediate to take up a new challenge at Turuturu School. Ms Trigg has been at the Intermediate for 8 years and is looking forward to her new school and different age of students to learn alongside. Thank you Jill for your contribution to the school, we wish you well into the future.

We have appointed Kylie Surgenor to fill the Assistant Principal's role and welcome her to our management team.

Some will remember Des Bain. Des Bain is returning to the Intermediate next year, we look forward to having Des back on staff. Welcome Des.

Two more positions remain outstanding and are re-advertised. It's really important the right people are appointed to add to the culture and fabric of Hawera Intermediate School.

Enjoy the next two weeks of business- keep an eye on the calendar, there is lots going on!

Ngā mihi nui

Neryda Sullivan


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Hawera Intermediate students worked as a team!

A group of energetic students competed in the New Plymouth Police Bluelight PCT challenge

recently. Their challenge was to complete the Physical Competency Test that Police have to complete every two years as a team and in the fastest time possible.

The challenge included lots of tasks that the Police might have to do in their job, such as sprinting, jumping through windows, climbing fences, balancing on fences, dragging bodies to safety, crawling under barriers, pushing trailers and a police car.

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Students continue to inquire into products that will help improve our economy.

A large number presented to our Curriculum Facilitator, Bex Langton and to Neryda in a 'Shark Tank" setting - similar to the 'Dragons Den' on T.V. A group were selected to present their products at the A and P Show in the Schoolzone. A great range of products were presented from beeswax wraps to soaps and scrubs, jewellery, dog treats and more. Students showed really strong sales ability, with Julia Scott, Zoe Smith and Cameron Tong standing out as having the ability to coax in passing people and persuasively sell their goods.

Students continue to work on their products for our market we will be holding in school on Friday 11th December, 11 to 12.30 on the Donovan Field.

Parents /Whanau are welcome to attend and purchase products - more information will come out as it gets closer.

Students can bring money to buy products as well if they choose. It will need to be handed to the class teacher on arrival at school for safe keeping.

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First Placing - Yeah Us!

Our parade float , won First Place. It was very exciting!

Our student Whanau Leaders worked with Whaea Emily for a block each week to get the decorations ready over this term.

We really appreciated the support of Hookers for the truck, and particularly Jonathon Webb for driving our truck -" Skymad".

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Next week is our visit to Aotea Utanganui Museum and Patea Library.

Planned earlier in the year and interrupted by Lockdown Level 2 we are now on our way.

Wednesday 2 December - Tangahoe (Room 7, 8, 9, 10)

Thursday 3 December - Waihi (Room 6, 11, 12)

Friday 4 December - Ohawe (Room 1, 2, 5)

Students are travelling to Patea by bus, leaving school at 9am and returning by 2.45pm. They are to be in full school uniform or they will not be able to travel and have a packed lunch with a water bottle. Students are not permitted to buy lunch on this trip.

Please ensure all permission slips are returned- thank you

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Monday 14th December

Year 8 Big Day Out - all Year 8 students will have a day of fun!

A $5 contribution to this fun day would be appreciated.

A note will come out this week regarding this.

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Hawera Intermediate School Board of Trustees’ Election Declaration of Parent Election Results

At the close of nominations, as the number of valid nominations was equal to the number of vacancies required to be filled, I hereby declare the following duly elected:

Soothill, Elise Te Wiki, Kimiora

Signed: Deidre Coogan Returning Officer


As we approach December it is important that ALL school library books are returned so that we can do a stock take before we finish for the year.

Students that have outstanding books will be given a slip with the name of the book and its cost. Please have a look around your home, under beds or in draws and see if you have one of our precious resources that can be returned.


Final Home School Partnership Conferences for the year are being held on

Wednesday 9th December

3:15 - 7:30

We would would like to see all Year 7 whanau to discuss goals for next year.

Notices/ appointment times to follow

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Of a Year 9...

On Tuesday our last group visited Hawera High School to have this experience. It has been very positive for our Year 8 students to have some insight into what 2021 will hold for them. Our students have been outstanding on their visits making a great first impression. 45 of our Year 8 students are not yet enrolled. Please enrol your child as soon as possible!
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  • Wednesday 2 December - Tangahoe Whanau visit Patea's Aotea Utanganui Museum

  • Thursday 3 December - Waihi Whanau visit Patea's Aotea Utanganui Museum

  • Friday 4 December - Ohawe Whanau visit Patea's Aotea Utanganui Museum

  • Monday 7 December - Reports go home today

  • Wednesday 9 December - Home School Partnership Meeting

  • Thursday 10 December - Road Safety Day Out for Patrollers and Bus Monitors

  • Friday 11 December - School Market Day 11am-12:30pm

  • Monday 14th December - Year 8 Big Day Out

  • Tuesday 15 December - Service Assembly 9.30-11 at the AOG Church
  • Year 8 Formal 7pm at the AOG Church then 8-10 at the RSA

  • Wednesday 16 December - Formal Assembly 10-12 at AOG Church
  • Term 4 2020 School Year Ends at 1pm
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