What's Happening

Week of May 27th


Monday, May 27th----Memorial Day

Tuesday, May 28th

Super Hero day---you may wear jeans if you participate

8:00 Preschool Meeting

9:00-10:30 Meeting with Rita

10:00-1:05 PK Classes Field Trip to Miracle League

11:00 Intermediate Hearing--ESC

1:00 Meeting down at ESC

3:00 Transition IEP meeting at Unity

5:15 Massage and adjustment

Wednesday, May 29th

District 5th grade Explorers Baseball game

8:00 Review JM data

9:00 Alternative School Meeting at ESC

10:15 Personal Evaluation--ESC

11:30-2:30 1st/2nd/3rd grade to Goldie Park

12:00 Check in with student

1:00 Preschool IEP meeting

2:30 Preschool transition meeting

4:00 Retirement Reception for Barb

Thursday, May 30th

Be Comfortable since you will be closing down the year and potentially staying late

8:00 IEP meeting

10:00 Preschool Graduation--West

10:45-2:00 Kdg to Goldie Park

11:00 Preschool Graduation--Barrett

1:00 Preschool Graduation--Farrer

2:30 Early Dismissal

Teachers who work until 5:55 on Thursday, only need to work until 11:55 on Friday

Friday, May 31st

Teacher work day

7:30 Jimmie's softball game

9:30 Jimmie's softball game

End of year checkout and Classroom Changes

You will be receiving an email that will have a link to the District's End of Year checkout form. This email will also have an attachment that you will need to print in order to check out with me. This will have a list of all the items that you need to complete to shut down your room for the summer.

If you have any questions once you receive the email please let me know. Every teacher will need to physically check out with me prior to leaving for the summer.

Classrooms for Next Year

Nancy Staab will be moving to Tamie's old preschool room next year.

Travis Schemmel will be moving to Nancy's old room next year.

The AEA office will be moving to the In School Suspension room next year.

In School Suspension will be moving to 1 of 2 rooms which I haven't decided yet. :)

One Resource room will be moving to 1 of 2 rooms which I haven't decided yet. :)

All other classrooms will remain where they currently are.


May 29 5th grade to Explorers Baseball game

May 30 Last Day for Students

May 31 Teacher Work Day