What is Wellness360?


We explore Five components: Social, Physical, Intellectual, Nutrition, and Emotional

It is a collaborative effort between students, staff, parents, and the community so that we can be STRONG IN EVERY WAY!

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My MISSION is to...

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WELLNESS at Stonegate

Wellness is taught twice a week (1st-4th grade) for a total of 50 minutes per week. Kindergarten students have Wellness once each week for 30 minutes. Lessons are developed based on the State and National Physical Education and Health Standards that promote the development of a child's PHYSICAL LITERACY. The following image is a "kid friendly" version of our National Standards.
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“Physical literacy can be described as the motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge and understanding to value and take responsibility for engagement in physical activities for life,” You can watch the following video for a fun explanation of Physical and Health Literacy. https://youtu.be/_okRtLv-7Sk

How Can You Help Your Child Succeed in Developing Their Physical Literacy?

Our time in wellness is just a small component of what it takes to develop a child's physical literacy. Every opportunity for physical activity is a step towards becoming competent and confident movers with and appreciation for wellness. This year I will be offering monthly wellness challenges as well as sharing local events that will be great opportunities for families to engage in physical activities TOGETHER. Challenges and local links will be posted on our Canvas Wellness Page. https://zcs.instructure.com/courses/15361 .It is my hope that families find fun in fitness and embrace a healthy lifestyle TOGETHER. It's a WIN-WIN!

Tennis Shoes EVERYDAY So We Can Safely Run and Play

Tennis shoes are a requirement for active participation during wellness. I encourage students to wear tennis shoes every day for safe play and movement in the gym, classroom and playground. If tennis shoes are not worn to school, please make sure your child has a pair to put on especially during wellness. THANK YOU for helping ensure your student has the best opportunity for safe movement.