Kinetic Molecular Theory

By Caleb Larson

Four Main Postulates

  1. A gas consists of a collection of small particles traveling in straight-line motion and obeying Newton's Laws.
  2. The molecules in a gas occupy no volume, they are simply points.
  3. Collisions between molecules are perfectly elastic, meaning no energy is gained or lost during the collision.
  4. There are no attractive or repulsive forces between the molecules.

Difference between Real and Ideal Gases

Any gas that follows the kinetic molecular theory is considered an ideal gas. and any gas that does not is considered a real gas.

The kinetic molecular theory and ideal gas laws are only vallid when pressure is low and the temperature is high.

Another Assumption of the Kinetic Molecular

The volume of the container is large enough that the volume of the particles is minute.

Perks of the Kinetic Molecular Theory

The kinetic molecular theory allows us to predict diffusion, viscosity, and thermal conductivity.