Kindergarten News

August 31, 2018

Welcome to our class of learners!

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Our First Week of Kindergarten!

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Making New Friends At Recess!

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Looking for Pete the Cat! Touring our school!

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Writers Workshop

As writers we are learning to add words to our illustrations to give the reader information about our pictures.

Reading Workshop

As readers we are learning to track print and look at the pictures to help tell the story.

Literacy Workstations

Math Workshop

As mathematicians we are practicing counting using one-to-one correspondence and identifying the numbers 0-10.

During Math Workstations, children are exploring using manipulatives.

Social Studies

As social scientists, we are learning how to be good friends to our classmates to ensure that they feel safe, valued and loved.
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Environmental Print

Please help your child find and cut out examples of environmental print. (Ex: “Lucky Charms” from a cereal box, “Snickers” from a candy bar wrapper) Please have your child send in 3 to 5 examples by Wednesday, September 5th.

Contact Information

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