Te Aroha Primary School

Term 4 Week 1 2021

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Kia ora koutou

Welcome to week 1 and a start of another fantastic term at TAPS.

A special welcome to Mrs Maria McGhie who will be relieving in Room 2 for this term in place of Miss Green who is on maternity leave.

We are living in times of change and sometimes we face changes with regard to Covid at very short notice. This is caused by changes to legislation by the Health Ministry or Government Legislation.

I will do my best to keep our community informed as soon as we are notified of any important changes which will affect the way our school will need to run as a result of these changes.

Face Coverings On School Transport

Students of all ages are encouraged to wear a face covering on all school transport services under all alert levels.

Providing face coverings is the responsibility of individuals and caregivers. Any student who is unwell should not travel on a school or public bus and should not be sent to school.

Students Aged 12 and Over

Face coverings are required to be worn by students aged 12 and over while on school transport at all alert levels, this includes Tech buses and school bus services for our children in the mornings and afternoons. While school bus drivers are not required to enforce the wearing of masks they may report the child who is breaking the rules to the school for further action.

Ngaa mihi nui

Kevin Johnson

Principal / Tumuaki

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Calendar Art Deadline

Please note that the deadline for orders for calendars is this coming Friday. If you have note already done so and would like to order then this is a final reminder. This is a PTA fundraiser for our school.

Young Entrepreneur in Our Midst

While listening to our senior school speeches last term, I became aware that we have a young entrepreneur in our midst in Yr 6.

Luke Cowley prepared his speech on how he set up his own lawn mowing business and shared this with the audience. I was very impressed with how motivated he was to get his business up and running, the research he did and the acquisition of tools and a trailer to attach to his bicycle in order to make it a reality.

Well done, Luke. We are proud of you.

If you would like to support Luke's mowing business then give him a call at "Luke's Mowing". I have provided a copy of his business card below.

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Dropping Children At School This Term

This is a reminder of the process of dropping or picking your child up at the start of the school day or at the end of the school day.

  • At the start of the day there will be teachers on duty at the front gate and the Ema Street gate to remind children to hand sanitise on entering the school grounds.
  • Parents are to leave their children at the gates and let them walk in on their own.
  • At the end of the school day children will be walked down to the front field where you can pick them up from the field. Please, no child is to walk through the car park un accompanied as this is extremely dangerous with the movement of so many cars.
  • Children who catch the first bus are to line up at the Ema Street gate with the bus duty teacher. Second bus children are to meet outside the staffroom for a roll call.
  • You can also meet your child at the Ema Street carpark at the end of the day. Please arrange this with your child.

Thank you for your help with these measures designed to keep our children safe and healthy during this pandemic.



Can Mrs Paul please have the $35 fees in now please. Fees need to be paid before the first game. We have entered 8 teams, however, with the Vaccination Mandate in place by Nov 15, I do need to have enough vaccinated helpers to see us all the way through to the last game.

If you can help please contact me. We may need to cut the the number of teams we register and if we do, fees will be refunded. Each team needs a person in charge on the night to watch the team and do the subbing.

Dates Reminder:

Yr 7/8: Nov 1, 8, 15, 22, 29

Yr 5/6 Oct 27 then Nov 3, 10, 17, 24


Starts Fri 29th Nov and the same rules apply here. We only have 4 teams for this so I am hoping i can make this work and will contact the people we have for managers personally.

Can I please have the $5 fee for this by the end of this week.


I am still waiting to hear what has been decided about District Athletics (Nov 10) and how we will run our own school athletics (Nov 3). We will let you know as soon as a decision has been made.

Class and Individual Photos

This is to remind parents that we will be having class and individual photos on 25 November.

Further information regarding photographs will come home closer to the time.

Key Term Dates


1. School opens for term four - 18 October 2021

2. Class and Individual Portrait photos - 25 November 2021

3. Planned Yr7&8 Camp 1 - 3 December

4. Planned Yr7&8 Social

5. Planned Final Assembly Monday 13 December 10.30am - 12.00pm

Classroom Round Ups

Rm 1 Mrs Johnson

Welcome back everyone and a very special welcome to Ben, Blake and Rory who joined the class today. This is going to be a short but very busy last term of school. Phonics work will be linked with handwriting this term as we are focussing on correct letter formation to make the process of writing easier. This week the letters are c, a and d. I will add the correct letter formations and the prompts we use to form the letters each week to Seesaw so you are able to use these at home too when your child is practising letters and words. In Maths we are investigating CAPACITY alongside counting and correct number formation. On Wednesday we have Andy Bennett from Zero Waste Education working with our class as we learn about - " Is that really rubbish?" This week we are working on our art work for the A P & H Show and we will share these on Seesaw when completed. We will be practising athletics each day now in preparation for Athletics day on 9th November. Children will need to have a pair of shorts in their school bag each day please if they are wearing long pants to school. A reminder that everyone needs a plastic bucket for the Waihou Hub Potato Growing Competition. We will be planting them on Wednesday. Please let me know if you have difficulty sourcing a bucket for your child, I am happy to help out.

Rm 2 Mrs McGhie

Kia Ora. My name is Maria McGhie and I am really looking forward to getting to know the children in room 2 over the coming weeks. We will be continuing with reading books coming home from Monday to Thursday, with our library day being Friday. This week we will plant our potatos for the Waihou Hub Potato Growing Competition and start on our art work for the A,P & H show. This term we will be focussing on Nursery Rhymes which will be brought home on Fridays to share with you. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns at mmcghie@tearohaprimary.school.nz

Rm 3 Miss Swan

Kia ora koutou,

Welcome to Term 4! I hope you have all had a restful school holiday break and are ready for an action packed term, filled with new learning!

Writing: We are looking at how we can plan our writing in different ways and focus on generating ideas for different characters and settings.
Reading: Reading books will be coming home Monday-Thursday. Reading homework is super important to your child's reading programme. We are revising a_e and u_e this week in phonics and spelling homework will start from next week.
Maths: We begin to learn about repeated addition and how we can record this as a multiplication equation, ordering numbers from 0-100 and learn a new place value game.

Reminders for the week

  • Whaea Armstrong will be in class on Friday.

  • Please bring along drink bottles everyday. This is super important as the weather warms up and with Athletics training.

  • Library day on Friday.

  • Homework for the week: Maths worksheet and daily reading book.

  • Please remember to bring along book bags and homework notebooks everyday. Room 3 needs their notebooks for word work during class times.

Please remember you can contact me via Seesaw a

Rm 5 Miss Entwisle

Welcome back! Term 4 looks to be a short but busy term. We start the term with four Zero Waste sessions which will be spread over Week 1 and Week 2. We welcome the facilitators Andy Bennett and Vicki Semmens. We look forward to learning about how to reuse items to help the environment. Our Spelling words this week are all about ick and th. In Writing we are looking at narratives and writing creative and interesting stories. In Mathematics we will be starting with a unit on Measurement/Time. We will be preparing for the upcoming school Athletics each day (weather permitting) so please ensure that suitable clothing is brought to school each day to train in. For those children who are motivated to do extra learning at home, our Spelling words, Weekly Poem and other Home Learning based tasks are shared each week via the Seesaw activity section. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me via email at mentwisle@tearohaprimary.school.nz or through the Seesaw message function.

Rm 6 Mrs Bankier

Welcome back to Term Four, a very busy term ahead.

We will be having the Zero Waste Educators coming in this week and also next week to teach us about looking after our planet.

I am on a course on Thursday so we welcome Mrs Bartram back for the day.

We will be busy creating the last of our items for the A&P Show this week also

This terms topics are:

Reading - We will be looking into inference skills and features of Narratives (Storytelling)

Writing - Our focus this term is on storytelling (Narratives) starting with Fairytales, creating our own fairytales.

Maths - We will be reviewing what we have learnt this year in addition / subtraction, multiplication / division and Fractions.

PE - Our focus is on Athletics, learning about running, jumping and throwing.

Topic- We will be continuing the Pause, Breathe, Smile programme this term with Mrs O'Connor.

I am looking forward to a fantastic term. If you would like to contact me please email kbankier@tearohaprimary.school.nz

Rm 7 Mrs Paul

Hope you all had a great holiday with your family...weren't we lucky to have our holiday in Level 2!!

This week in Maths we will be starting to look at number patterns using function machines- that means using a rule that is given to us. We will also be going back over our times tables and will have these to learn each night.

In writing we will begin by looking at writing to instruct. This type of writing highlights the need to be specific and sequential and often it isn't until you need to follow someone else's instructions, that you see how difficult this is.

Everyone will have spelling words this week. These are from the essential lists and groupings based on testing done at the end of last term. I am waiting to hear what will be happening with athletics, but we will hopefully start that this week as wel

Rm 8 Mrs Young

WELCOME BACK TO TERM 4 - a busy term with lots of activities.

Pen pals - We’ve received our letters from our pen pals over the break, we look forward to responding to our letters.

ZERO WASTE- We look forward to our lessons this week and next with our Zero Waste facilitator.

Athletics - We will be working within our Senior Hub to cover all of the Athletic Rotations.

Calendar Art - Remember to return these to school.

Maths. This term we will revise a lot of the topics covered this year and also get stuck into some strand maths such as Area and Perimeter.

Literacy - Our book this term is a Kind of Spark, this will focus on Comprehension as well as many hand on activities. Room 9 is looking forward to completing this Chapter chat aswell.

Online interactive quiz with detailed answers. Please login via https://socrative.com/ Click on Student Login and enter TAPSROOM82021. Whanau can also take part every week!

Home Learning - Library Books + EPIC Reading. Mathletics + Prototec + Weekly Quiz

Email- kyoung@tearohaprimary.school.nz

Rm 9 Mrs Gamble/Mrs Hodgetts.

Kia Ora and welcome back! We hope everyone had a restful break and enjoyed themselves. This term is shaping up to be pretty busy but exciting. We look forward to seeing you all and touching base. Please get in touch if you have any questions about upcoming events.

Literacy: This term we are going to be taking part in a chapter chat. These are always engaging and have a lot of hands-on activities to explore. In writing we will start working on character descriptions.

Mathematics: We will be recapping some of our learning over the year and refreshing ourselves before we get into end of year testing.

Athletics: This term we will be developing our skills in the area of athletics.

Art: With the AP&H show coming up fast we will begin working on our entries.

Camp: Please keep an eye out for information and updates over the coming weeks.

Homework:Spelling, weekly quiz, mathletics tasks, and reading 20-30 minutes each evening.

Rm 10 Mrs Brittenden

Kia ora koutou - welcome to Term 4.

It is great to be back at school and we have a busy last term ahead. This week, we begin our Zero Waste workshops and prepare for the athletics sports. It is a great idea for students to have a change of clothes for this. Please let me know if your child is unable to take part. We also begin learning Spanish and completing our entries for the AP and H Show.

Maths - we focus on circles this week. We will be learning about the different parts of a circle, how to construct circles and how to work out the circumference and are of a circle using pi. (please make sure your child has a compass)

Literacy - this will be linked as we explore people and moments in history

Tech - please remember we have Tech on Friday at Te Aroha College. Students need to be at school by 8.35 lined up for the bus. Long hair needs to be tied back and shoes that cover feet are to be worn (eg. no slides)

Lookin forward to an amazing week.

Arohanui - Mrs B dp@tearohaprimary.school.nz


Below is the lunch menu for week one.
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