The New Elegant

Our Mission:

Every company has their own mission, including us! Our mission is to let girls express their feelings through the medium of fashion! We believe that fashion is not only playing dress up, but expressing who you really are. So, with our help and support, we are sure to bring you the way you want to be seen! It's as easy as that!

Our story:

Created by four girls, named Aqsa, Navya, Ferwa and Krisha, Aurora begin with the hope to help all girls discover their true selves. We joined hands because we knew that fashion could bring all girls together, and the best idea was to start a company. A company that would inspire every girl to follow their own dreams, and inspire creativity to every girl we know. We want to bring fashion to all girls. Remember fashion is not only dressing up, but expressing yourself without words. This hope, this strength, this power, brought us together, and we know this will bring you together too!

Our First products:

Come to our shop:

We are proud to say that we have opened our very first store! Please come to buy one of your own unique shirts and dresses! Discover the creativity within you, with Aurora!
This is just for an IBT project...this is not a real company.