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Hello KEEP Bossbabes!

April showers bring May flowers! April was a crazy month and May is chalking up to be even crazier! Who is ready to join me in hitting it hard this month? We still have more than half the month left! SO much can happen! Who wants to promote and give themselves a raise?! For those that joined us in April, welcome! Make sure to check your "message request" folder on Facebook to view your welcome from me. Please know that my e-mails out to the team are solely out of support. Please know that I am not here to nag you or tell you to do something. I am solely here to support you, share with you important news, keep you updated and hopefully share your journey with KEEP Collective with you. Feel free to reach out to my at any time with questions, or to bounce ideas off of me. I would love to help you out!
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The KB leaders have been working on trainings to better help you along in your business and to be available for questions. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled as these trainings will be happening monthly, and even some weekly!


Who is planning to join us!? Registration for Hoopla is still open and I want to see you there! It is going to be beyond amazing! Not to mention that statistics show that those who attend Hoopla are more successful with their business. You will receive great tools and training, you'll get to meet Jessica Herrin, Dana Bloom, and other home office faces we often see, you get over $200 in NEW fall line product, but most importantly, you'll get inspired to do even more amazing things!

Sale Alert!

KEEP will be having a sale on selected items 5/25-5/31. Make sure to utilized this rare occurrence and book those socials!

Double GLAM Points

Who knew we were earning double GLAM point this month!? Amazing right? GLAM is still 100% obtainable! How do you earn points? Personal sales points, sponsoring points, and pay rank maintenance points. If you have hit Associate Designer before, that is considered your pay rank. If you hit Associate Designer again this month, you get 1,000 points for maintaining pay rank and 1,000 points for doubling. That's 2,000 POINTS right there!!!!

Mega May Sign Up Special

Who is ready to grow their team? May is the perfect time to sign new designers with it being a double GLAM points month and with the extra $50 in product credit when your new designer signs up! You can also earn $75 in product credit when your new designer earns jumpstart!

Tech Updates:


  • Helps you get information on your downlines with only one click
  • When you click on the name of someone on your team in any report, you'll now get a panel that slides in from the right with all the basic information you'll need to coach.
  • KEEP home office is adding addresses and designer ID's directly
Search Improvements on design tool, lounge and E-commerce site

  • You can now search by keywords and have improved the design tool search specifically when searching for letters and numbers.

Thanks for hosting Email

  • Now you can send and resend a "Thanks for Hosting" email to all your hostesses.

April Stats

$47,662 in team volume

69 total designers

14 new designers

35 qualified

96 socials

73 socials with orders

Top Sellers

1. Christin L. - $8,691

2. Heather S. - $3,950

3. Nicole K. - $3,573

4. Tahnee R. - $3,434

5. Cathy A. - $2,575

Top Sponsors

1. Christin L. - 3

2. Emily B. - 2

There were 9 other people that sponsored 1 designer! Way to go!


2 Associate Directors (Heather S., Mallory S.)

1 Star Designer (Christin L.)

4 Senior Designers (Andrea C., Mary O., Kristine J., Tracy S.)

11 Associate Designers (Kara W., Cathy A., Jessica S., Erica P., Nicole K., Emily B., Abby K., Marie S., Emily G., Christina P., Emma T.)

3 Lead Designers (Samantha M., Ashley K., Amy T.)

Associate Designer

Who wants to be one?

This is a very obtainable goal and I have no doubts that every single one of you can be one! What's so great about being an Associate Designer though?

  1. You earn an exclusive key you can wear on your bracelets
  2. You start earning 6% commission off sales of your first line girls
  3. You earn $100 in product credit the first time you hit
  4. You get the privilege of attending the leader call with Dana Bloom the first Monday of every month!

How do you earn this?

  1. You sell at least $750
  2. You have at least one designer under you that qualifies (sells at least $300)
  3. You and your team sell a combined total of $2,000

You get an amazing pay raise and you're only working a few hours a week. Who wouldn't want that! Reach out to me with any questions you might have!

March Stats

$40,813 in team volume

56 total designers

6 new designers

30 qualified

80 socials

73 socials with orders

Top Sellers:

1. Christin L. - $7,335

2. Heather S. - $6431

3. Cathy A. - $4,507

4. Ashley K - $2,780

5. Erica P. - $2,369

Top Sponsors:

1. Karra W. - 1

2. Erica P. - 1

3. Amanda S. - 1

4. Tracy S. - 1

5. Heather S. - 1

6. Christina P. - 1


2 Associate Directors (Mallory S. and Heather S.

1 Star Designer (Christin L.)

1 Senior Designer (Mary O.)

10 Associate Designers (Jessica S., Erica P., Andrea C., Kristine J., Tracy S., Abby K., Marie S., Emily G., Christina P., Emma T.)

2 Lead Designers ( Samantha M., Amy T.)