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What is the Best Internet Solution for Home Owners in Malaysia?

Currently home internet users in Malaysia have a large number of choices, when selecting an internet service provider for their needs. However, most users are not just satisfied with a good service. Such users want to know which ISP is the best and why? The answer to question quite simply is TIME fibre and here is why.

Time internet has a large internet coverage, which is delivered through a fiber optic network that continues to expand. Additionally, the ISP allows its customers to check network availability at their location, before signing up for the service. This tends to save the time of both, the ISP and the consumers. Furthermore, the fiber optic network means that Time Fibre is capable of providing lightning speeds to its consumers.

However, this only proves that Time internet provides high-speeds and a quality connection to its consumers. What about the rates? Time Fibre is one of those internet connections that offer a range of different services, which makes it available to all sorts of consumers. The internet speeds vary from 10 Mbps up to 100 Mbps. All subscribers, except for the subscribers of the 100 Mbps package, are allowed unlimited data usage. The prices of these packages range from RM 129/month to RM 249/month, depending upon speeds. Since the users of the 100 Mbps package are allowed a data cap of 100GB, the service is priced at RM 179/month.

Although internet speed, quality and price are the three main aspects of a great internet service, what truly makes an internet service stand out, are the value added services that the ISP offers. In the case of Time internet, the ISP has a lot to offer its consumers. This can be judged by the fact that Time internet comes with a voice package, which can be either pay-as-you-use or RM 10/month. However, in the later scenario, the users can enjoy a total of 2000mins to all numbers in Malaysia and IDD numbers in 60 countries. Let us also not forget that subscribers of Time internet can also avail a discount, if they buy Astro IPTV services. This option is available to only two internet providers in Malaysia, Time Fibre and Maxis Fibre.

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