The Big Field

The Big Field

Author: Mike Lupica


This book is about a kid named Hutch that plays baseball and his dad played in the minor leagues. His best friends name is Cody and he also plays on Hutch's team. Then there came this new kid named Daryl and he is good at baseball. He was lucky enough to join the team in time to play with them in the playoffs. During the playoffs they were losing and Hutch did something good to get on T.V . Then Hutch's teammates call him captain because he got on T.V.

Setting of The Big Field

The setting in the Big Field was they lived in Florida and it is during baseball season. They also played at Roger Dean field. During the playoffs it was the summer.


He started writing about the New York Knicks at age 23 and kept writing then eventually started writing books.The reason he wrote this book is because he likes sports and he also coached his sons basketball game.


The protagonist is Hutch,he is the main character and he is the one that plays second base, the Antagonist is Daryl he is the one that joined the team later and he is the cocky one, there is also Carl Hutch's dad he is the one that played in the minor leagues and his moms name is Connie she is the one that goes to a lot of Hutch's games then there is Cody he is Hutch's best friend and he walked with him to the dugout when he got hurt at practice there is also the coach and his name was Mr.C, then there is the news reporter and he interviewed Hutch


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Personal recommendation

I liked the book because baseball is my favorite sport. I would read it if i were you. It is interesting and keeps you reading because you don't know what is going to happen.