5 Nontraditional Job Myths

Cameron Hagelauer

Myth 1

There is a stereotype that men are not nurturing enough to take care of children. It is because for a long time, the women took care of the children and the men went to work. However, this is more of a personality issue then a gender issue.

Myth 2

There is a stereotype that women are not strong enough to work in construction jobs. While it is true that the average man has more upper body strength then the average women, women can take advantage of their increased lower body strength. Also, in these jobs, often work performance does not rely on strength so much as dedication to the job.

Myth 3

Another stereotype is that when women have children or get married, they will leave work, so men should get the best jobs because they are trustworthy to continue work. But women work an average of 30 years and half of the women that leave work because of children or marriage return in 1-3 years.

Myth 4

Another Stereotype is that men in nontraditional jobs aren't masculine, and women in nontraditional jobs aren't feminine. However this is simply not true. You should pursue your career based on interests, skills, and satisfaction doing your job.

Myth 5

The last stereotype is women in the workforce can be a distraction to men. However, men have been around women their whole life and should know the difference between appropriate and inappropriate behavior. There are also classes they can take to ensure that everyone is comfortable in the work place.