Sophia's drawing

every pencil mark a new day

Im blue, but that dosnt mean im upset!

My personality is "blue". This means that im sensitive to other people and for other people.

Im frusurated when someone is constently complaining or being rude. Another pet peeve of mine is when people try to cause conflict for someone else for no reason. When I communicate i think before i speak, I make sure what i say is not going to put a negative effect in the atmosphere. At work I am the person you can come to in times of trouble or to resolve a conflicts between employees.

Im a righty,but that tells more than just what hand I use to write!

Im more of a "right brained" person! This means that im more creative and fun than I am logical and organized. Although im more of a righty this dosnt mean I dont use my left brain too, Im actually a little bit of both! On my right brain score I got 26 and on my left brain score I got 18! Thats only a little bit away! So, even though Im fun and creative I still think before doing!! Look below to see more!