by: Cristty Nicolle Castillo

New technology....Voyager 2

The US launched Voyager on August 20,1977

Its mission was to explore the solar systems outer planets.Voyager 1's mission was to explore the outer solar system. Voyager 1 was launched 16 days after Voyager 2 {September 5, 1977}. Space exploration was not just searching for Neptune it was searching for the whole solar system, that's why it was important.

What was discovered of Neptune?

  • Many people believed that Neptune was a gas giant, well Neptune is actually a ice giant.
  • Neptune has a hot rock core
  • Neptune has a thick atmosphere
  • Neptune has the fastest wind speeds in the solar system reaching 1,000 miles per hour
  • Neptune has 11 moons the biggest is tritent
  • tritent is the coldest place in the solar system
  • Voyager 2 reached Neptune in 12 years
  • Neptune's is surrounded by ring arcs {incomplete rings}
  • Neptune has 2 cyclones called The great dark spot and Dz or The wizards eye
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