Bogota, Colombia

Colombia Population

Colombia has a pretty good size population which is 48.32 million people
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Major Exports

Some of the Major Exports are oil, nickel, coal, flowers, coffee, textiles, clothing
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Favorite Sports

Most of the favorite sports are wrestling, boxing, roller skating, chess, basketball but there are a lot more

Colombia's typical foods

Most of the foods that they eat we also eat like rice, beef, fried egg

Colombia's flag and map

Colombia's flag in really like other flags just in different color order or has a symbol

Major Religion

The most used religion is 90% Catholic
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Colombia Currency

The colombian currency is colombian peso
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Colombian motto

"Libertad y Orden"..... "Liberty and Order
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Life Exspectency

The life exspectency is 73.78 years
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Independence Day

There independence day is on July 20th
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Colombia's Major Problems

The major problems right now are poverty
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Current Presidant

Colombia's current president is juan Manuel Santos
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Current Events

There is a lot of arrests, shooting, arguments with the government there and lots more.

Languages other than Spanish

Well most people there speak Spanish, but if you had just moved there then you would speak mostly English
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Comparable U.S state (size)

The comparable state size is 32
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GDP per capita

The GDP is 7,831.22 USD
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Unemployment Rate

The unemploment Rate is 8.8%
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$1 U.S = how many Colombian pesos

It is = to about 3282.50 Colombian pesos
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Literacy Rate

The literacy is 91.4 percent
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Their National Symbols

The National Symbol is Andean Condor
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The end

Well that is the end of my presentation i hope you learned something from it. Thanks