Water Disasters

Out of all the natural disasters, I believe that things such as tsunamis,mud slides and hurricanes. Unlike tornadoes and earthquakes and things as such, water disasters takes weeks even months to recover from. I believe that water disasters are also the most traumatizing. I also believe that its the most deadly, because some water disaster hit faster and create more damage than excepted.Some people have no choice and have to just board up their homes and ride it out.

Tornadoes, earthquakes,forest fires, and volcanoes!

I believe that tornadoes, earthquakes,volcanoes and forest fires are the most destructive but last only a short amount of time. It destroys many things in its path, and could be very deadly if people don't take the proper precautions.I believe that volcanoes are the most destructive in land disasters because its can do multiple things at once; it can start fires and disintegrate anything in its path.

Just Think About it..

Most people don't understand the impact that a natural disaster has on the world. Some natural disaster cause a lot fatalities, and leave many without a place to lay their heads. These natural disaster leave communities,town, and sometimes even whole countries in desperate need for sometimes months on end. Some devastating event even cause some the continent to break off into the water. Some even say that state California, will eventually fall off the United States.Things like this change people lives forever.
Road Being Deavasted by Water Current | Nature's Disaster | Road Destruction | Flood
The most powerful force ever known on this planet is human cooperation-a force for construction and destruction.

Jonathan Haidt