The Radio


The Radio

Isaiah 1.When was the first raido invented.In 1895

carlos 2.Who is credited with invention?Guglielmo Marconi

Carlos 3.What are the important facts about its history and development?The British was the first one to get,their hands on a radio for a talk to talk to others around the word for info!!!!

Sarah 4.How does a radio work?Transmit music ,Conversations, Pictures and data invisibly through the air.

Katelyn 5.When, where and by whom was the first commercial broadcast made? July 1,1941:By:Cynthia Kirkeby, W2XBS was one of the ten station.

Isaiah 6.What is the role of radio in communication today?Music and Info on the News

Sarah 7.What are the advantages and disadvantages in using this medium?When it comes to social networking in the workplace, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. The benefits of social networking platforms vary based on platform type, features and the company itself.

Sarah 8.Which of the following communication methods does radio utilize? Haykin,Simon. Cognitive radio brain empowered wireless communications.

Katelyn 9.Construct a communication model to demonstrate how this media is used today?

  • Large meetings, town hall meetings

  • Department meetings (weekly meetings)

  • Up close and personal (exclusive meetings)

  • Video conferences

  • Viral communication or word

  • 10.Evaluate the effectiveness of this media to communicate institutions worldwide, such as economic, social and political, are relying increasingly on the communication technology to perform a variety of functions: holding remote business meetings, discussing design issues in product development, enabling consumers to remain connected with their families and children, and so on. In this environment, where geographic and temporal boundaries are shrinking rapidly, electronic communication medium are playing an important role.product development scenario. Through a study done over 90 subjects, we discuss the strengths and weaknesses of different media and propose a scope for improvement in each of them.