Make Monday Matter

May 4, 2015


"We are not just Teachers, we are managers of the world's greatest resource: Children"!

Robert John Meehan

Teacher Appreciation Week

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week.

I wish I could make you understand how much you are appreciated.

You all are truly amazing!! Keep up the good work

Faculty Meeting

Yes, we will have a faculty meeting Tuesday after school in the library (teachers only)

Pasta for Pennies

Our school raised $3285.00 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society!!!! Thanks to everyone who participated.

The winner in the yellow hall was Mrs. Escobedo's class bringing in $167.00

The winner in the red hall was Mrs. Rodriguez's class bringing in $163.50

The winner in the blue hall was Mrs. DelaGarza's class bringing in $260.83


Teacher of the Year

Please stop by the office and nominate someone for Teacher of the Year.

Summer School

Please have your summer school list ready to turn in by Friday, May 8.

Field trips & Field days

Teachers have asked me in they can wear shorts for field trips &/or field days. Yes, knee shorts are fine.

Kindergarten will be going to the zoo this Thursday and/or Friday.


Please do not park in the back behind the cafeteria. That area is for cafeteria staff. There are days they get to work and have no open parking spaces.