Do we need to be healthy

Sarah 7g

It Says

”More Canadian children are overweight and for the first time the country's younger generations are expected to live shorter lives than their parents because of obesity, says a new Commons committee report made public yesterday.’’

I Say

- I feel sad for our generation because everything is so non active we barely do anything that is active and that is sad because being active is fun and it helps you in a lot of ways.I also feel sad because in the quote it sad we are gonna die younger than the people in the past and that is bad because in the past people didn't even have good medicines and stuff and now we have them but were dying younger because we're getting obese. I think this quote actually can really change how a person thinks in a better way because when i read it i started thinking of better ways for me to be more active.

And So

This matters because now lots of people are gonna be obese and sick and obesity is a type of sickness and if lots of people have obesity the future generation will be really sick and the whole world will be sick.The solution is to stop creating lots of stuff to make life easier and make people move more and be more active at schools and work places.