By:Easton Goss


Zebras are mammals that have black and white stripes. They are pretty animals. Do you want to learn some more zebra facts. Waiting ...waiting finally you came!!!


Zebras weigh about 600 pounds or 272 kilograms. Zebras have short manes and long tails. Zebras look like horses with black and white stripes. All zebras have different stripes or patterns.


Zebras live together in herds of Africa. Some zebras live in dry or hilly areas. Other zebras roam grassy areas. Also some zebras live in the zoo.


Zebras graze all day. Their sharp front teeth snip off tall grass. Flat back teeth help zebras chew the grass. Zebras eat lots of grass.

Life Cycle

Female zebras give birth to foals. Foals can walk an hour after they are born. Young zebras stay with their mothers for three years. Female zebras may have one foal a year.


Did you learn some more facts? I hope you did because I thought it was a pretty good article. What did you find interesting? I found out that thousands of zebras make up to only one HERD!!!

Fun Facts

Zebra foals have brown stripes.

Fun Facts

Zebras kick predators or run away quickly.

Fun Facts

Thousands of zebras make up to one HERD!!!

Vocabulary Words

Graze: To eat grass and other plants.

Foals: A baby zebra.


If you would want to learn more about zebras then go to this awesome website.