All About Me!

By: Abby Hill


Hi, I'm Abby! My hobbies include acting, singing, directing, writing, makeup, and videography. MY favorite thing to do is perform. I've been in tons of productions, including two lead roles. I love to sing, especially broadway songs. I can belt up to a D sharp (that's pretty high)! My favorite musicals are Heathers and Legally Blonde. My goal is to play Veronica Sawyer, especially because Barrett Wilbert Weed can belt super well! I also love to make short films. Last year, I even won second place in the LISD film festival. I also really love to write. I've written a couple short stories with my best friend. Finally, I love makeup. Especially stage makeup. I really love creating bruises and gore.


Favorite Color: Light Pink, Lavender

Favorite Movie: The Outsiders

Favorite TV Show: Criminal Minds, The Goldbergs

Favorite Musicals: Heathers, Legally Blonde, Something Rotten, The Book Of Mormon

Favorite Song: Right Hand Man - Something Rotten

Dream College: New York Film Academy or Manchester University

Dream Occupation: Broadway Star, Film Actress

Favorite YouTubers: Danisnotonfire (Dan Howell- his video "Psycho Thoughts" is linked) and Amazingphil (Phil Lester)