Jamaica's couler's of there banner is Yellow,Green,Black

Here is a picture...

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What kind of sport does Jamaica do,here's your answer!

The most popular kind of sports are mostly imported from Britain. The most popular sport is athletics other popular sports include football,cricket,basketball and netball.

Instramants that Jamaica use

Jamaica use drums made out of steel.It is a drum with a deep face and is made out of metal (steel)

Jamaica also use a nother kind of drum called a bongo drum.Thay are two little drums stuck together and thay both make difrent noises!

The bongo drums are not always stuck together thay are sometimes just a meatr tall or so!

Jamaica also has a lot of other instramants to!

Famous People from Jamaica

Here are some famous people from Jamaica

Aidonia, dancehall, rap deejay.

  • Akala, poet, journalist, rapper, educator.
  • Alaine, singer.
  • Cherine Anderson, singer, actress, director.
  • Buju Banton, reggae singer.
  • Beenie Man, deejay; Grammy winner.
  • Thom Bell, musician, singer/songwriter, arranger and producer.
  • Biggie Smalls, rapper

  • Thay are all Famous singers from Jamaica!!!

    There are also a lot more. Here are some pictures!

    Jamaican food

    Here are some Jamaican food

    Curry goat with rice and peas.

  • Women selling desserts in Kingston, Jamaica, c. 1899.
  • Ackee fruit.
  • Jamaican patties and Red Stripe beer.
  • Stamp and Go and callaloo fritters.
  • Ackee and saltfish.
  • A Jamaican patty wrapped in coco bread.
  • Dinner plate with black beans, shredded beef, jerk chicken, rice and plantain.

  • There are many other kinds delicious food

    Clothes from Jamaica

    In Jamaica, the quadrille dress is made of cotton. It's called a bandana skirt. The skirt is worn with a ruffled sleeve blouse and a matching head tie. The traditional dress is made out of red and white cotton plaid, maroon and white plaid, or madras

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    Map of Jamaica

    Here is a map of Jamaica
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    More facts about Jamaica

    After a referendum,Jamaica became independent on August. 6, 1962. Michael Manley, of the socialist people's National Party, became prime minister in 1972

    Jamaica is an island country situated in the Caribbean Sea, consisting of the third to largest. With 2.8 million people.

    There are many more facts but I can't mention them all!
    There are many more facts about Jamaica but if you want to find more out don't just google it go to Jamaica and have the holiday of your life!!!
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