Team 2020 Vision

May 1 2020

Our Note To You

The theme for all my messages these days seems to be the same, but it’s still true: we miss you, we miss our kids!! We know that the social distancing is for the best, but it does bring about some obstacles and some unknowns – especially for those of us in the senior year. For that reason, we are sending out a newsletter this week (and probably a few more in the weeks ahead) that the other Teams will not be sending. Normally we try to keep our large-group communications consistent across the grade levels, but please be aware that you will be receiving messages from us more frequently than other Teams as we address questions and respond to changing social situations that impact senior year. With that said, two questions that are on the mind of everyone these days are 1) will we get our caps and gowns and 2) what is the plan for commencement. Please read below for more information about these items.

Thank you, students and parents, for the commitment to personal best. Seniors DO still have work to do for their classes, and they have been logging onto Schoology and submitting work every week. New assignments will end on May 15th, and students will have until May 22nd to get everything submitted. One of our students recently emailed me, “Who knew that quarantine would cure senioritis?” And it’s pretty true! Students have done a fabulous job getting work turned in, and parents have been very responsive when we have reached out with reminders. Only a few more days to go – literally! – until senior classes are in the rearview mirror, so keep up the great work.

In the meantime, give your kids a hug from us! Tell them that we are all in this together and that their Team is working behind the scenes for them every day and they are NOT forgotten. Encourage them to reach out to each other and to us, and above all, to keep their sights set on the future.

~Mrs. Lingelbaugh

Caps & Gowns

Students will definitely be receiving their purple caps and gowns, and we know that this is an extremely important component of senior year. Everyone wants pictures in the cap and gown, and up-close photos of the graduate and pictures with family members are the ones we cherish the most. We agree that this is a priority! We are awaiting the governor’s guidelines to know exactly when and how we will be able to distribute. These items were originally scheduled to be delivered the end of May, and it will still be the end of May or the first part of June before those are available. Stay tuned for more information on this, but rest assured that students WILL receive their caps and gowns!


We just closed a student survey regarding commencement options, and we are working on several different scenarios based on feedback. Again, we are awaiting the governor’s guidelines to know which options to further develop. I know that it is difficult to have to wait and not know for certain what the plan will be, but since this decision is one that depends upon factors outside our control, we are still in the stage of gathering information and weighing options. Once we have a clearer picture of the plan for this important event, information will be shared with Team 2020.

BHS Local Scholarships

Seniors who have been selected as a recipient of any of the BHS Local Scholarships will be notified via Schoology next week by Mrs. Martin.

Senior Survey

The Indiana Department of Education and the Commission for Higher Education (CHE) has asked us to field this survey to all BHS Seniors. It’s only two questions long and shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

Bye Bye Bulldog

In order to give you a chance to clear up any technical glitches and fix your video if you filmed it vertically instead of horizontally, we will continue to accept Bye Bye Bulldog videos until Sunday.

If you are joining on a mobile device, you will need the access code: 3G4F-NZZ8-BWF4S. Also on mobile, if you get an error that says “unable to retrieve your feed”, you can still click albums at the bottom of the screen and add your video. It is recommended that you are connected to a WiFi network when uploading.

Senior Recognition

It’s important to us that our seniors know how much we miss them and that they are still in our thoughts, even though they are not in our building. Our PSG is currently looking at the best way to honor and celebrate our seniors in the community. With a cohort our size (almost 700!!), it makes certain types of recognition that smaller schools can do impossible, but PSG is working on something fabulous. No matter what, we know it’s always the thought that counts, and we are most definitely thinking about our kiddos. We greatly appreciate our PSG for partnering with us to celebrate our seniors!

Team 2020

Assistant Principal - Stacey Lingelbaugh,

Guidance Counselor (A-K) - Leslie Ayers
Guidance Counselor (L-Z) - Megan Mayo,

Academic Coach - Marcus Evans,

College & Career Counselor - Joni Martin,

Administrative Assistant - Katherine Murray,