Missing Spider Monkey

Ateles geoffroyi frontatus

Why are they endangered?

Due to an increase in hunting and farming (habitat destruction), the spider monkey population is declining. Spider monkeys are restricted to arboreal habitats due to their diet; You should be able to find them in tropical rain forests, mainly lowland, but it may be difficult. The largest group of spider monkeys last seen was in eastern South America. Help us find the remaining spider monkeys, bring up their population numbers and save them from extinction!

Niche of the spider monkey

The spider monkey is a "frugivore", meaning their main diet consists of fruits but they can also consume plants and flowers. They are one of the primary spreaders of seeds from plants, flowers, and fruits. Without the spider monkeys it would be hard for these sources of vegetation to grow in the rain forest areas. They serve mainly as consumers but they can be preyed on by jaguars or large reptiles. If they go missing completely the rain forest ecosystem would be negatively impacted so help us save the spider monkeys before its too late. Look below to see where they were last seen!
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