The Voice of Jackson Memorial Middle School

Principal's Message

by Mr. Carter

Jackson Memorial Middle School is truly the place to be! There are so many exciting things going on, and our students are taking full advantage of them. So far this year, we've had students involved in different STEAM activities around the building (STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math). Engineering for Kids has been meeting once a week after school (with more to follow in 2019). Mr. Huthmacher has been working very hard with the Makerspace in the Learning Commons. Students have been able to work with Spheros, Lego Mindstorm kits, 3-D printing, and even building computers using Piper kits! We have multiple clubs that are going strong like BTG, MILO, and Ski Club. We've had field trips to the University of Akron and a successful 6th grade camp. We have implemented a school-wide advisory program (better known as TEAMs). All of these different activities are geared toward one goal: making JMMS the best possible experience for the 6th, 7th and 8th graders of Jackson. Our staff has worked very hard to come up with ideas that help students transition from Elementary to being prepared for the jump to Jackson High School. It is exciting to drive into work every day knowing that our students are our top priority and that we have a staff that loves their students. It's that type of atmosphere that makes JMMS the place to be!
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Students and staff excited about TEAMs at JMMS

by Alyssa Snyder

What is TEAMs? TEAMs stands for Together Everyone Achieves More. Mr. Carter, our principal, describes TEAMs as, “To help students to transition from being Elementary students into High School students and to help build relationships between kids and adults in the building.”

In TEAMs you play games and take a break from school work. TEAMs is a break from school because the students are stressed through all their classes. “Lots of people building relationships, smiles, and a nice break right in the middle of a hectic work week” says Mr Carter. He thinks that everyone deserves a break and get to relax. Student Lauren Trumphour says,that she enjoys when her team plays games and wishes that her team would do it more often. Eighth grade science teacher, Mrs. Dimengo, says she likes ”spending time with students in a non academic setting.” She likes to spend time with many people like students and teachers.

Many people enjoy TEAMs and they have done many fun things already and the year isn’t even halfway done! “My favorite part of TEAMs is socializing,” says student, Nik Kalla. TEAMs is important because it helps students grow. Miss Stein, a member of team Eerie, says, “talking to our veteran, Mr Prewitt” has been her favorite thing she has done with her team. “I have really enjoyed getting to see teachers and students interact in non-traditional ways,” says Mr. Carter.

Many people think that TEAMs can help grow our community and has done so already. Miss Stein says, “Kids seem friendlier this year. I think as TEAMs continues to grow and you students get more comfortable with each other, you will only grow stronger as a group.” Overall people think that TEAMs has improved our community and teachers are happy to advance forward in TEAMs.

There was a new club at JMMS...

by Brooke Artz

photos by Brooke Artz

This new club was Engineering club, and it was directed by: Ruth Sierra. This club just recently ended on November 20th. It started on October 2nd, and the club members met in the Learning Commons .

Also, it was all about STEM. These classes were made to help kids love for engineering grow as they learn and have fun.There was a lot of experimenting and learning involved in the program.

When Ruth Sierra was asked why kids should join the club she responded,” Kids join because they are curious about how robots work. They might have seen a robot but have not had the opportunity to build one! Also because they already have an interest in technology or they find robotics fun.”

Some of the students favorite activities included Battle-Bots and Suma-bots, where they added components to defend their robots against other robots and, battle them using advanced programming commands. But Riley Clapp, a member of this club, says his favorite part was programming his robot.

Now they are currently running a variety of other programs at different locations too. One of the upcoming events will be the Jackson Robotics Club. It will be located in the learning commons and, it will be held on December 16th. For more information about this event and more you can go to this website.

Below is a video of some of the participants testing out their robot, taken by Tayah Wilson.

JMMS canned food drive a huge success

by Godson Ike

JMMS teacher Miss Casserlie is in charge of the November to December 2018 canned food drive. The whole point of the food drive is to help out struggling families in the community by sharing canned food with needy families in the district.

Coordinating the food drive makes Miss. Casserlie feel good, especially having come from a service-led upbringing throughout elementary, middle, high school, and college, and she is grateful to be able to continue giving back to others as an adult. Miss Casserlie hopes to instill this in students here at the middle school and encourage others to “Be The Good” in the community and world around them!

With only one day left in the food drive, the JMMS students have brought in over 4,500 food items! This is an incredible accomplishment for the students of JMMS.

Miss Casserlie decided to get involved with Be the Good (BTG) student council here at JMMS because she wanted to involve herself with students outside the classroom, and participate in a service driven club. BTG has lots of amazing things to offer including their food drive to help local families here in the community at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Miss Casserlie wants to say thank you to the student and parents in the community for being so incredible and for making this food drive so successful. The students and parents have acquired SO much food that will benefit many families around us, and it wouldn't have been possible without the students! “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” she says.

Her favorite part of leading BTG is getting to know other students and encouraging them to truly be examples and leaders now, and throughout their whole lives. It's amazing to see young people so driven to be a part of something bigger and give back to those around them.

JMMS honors veterans in the community

by Daniel Zakari

photos by Isha Nagajothi

On November 12th, the students and staff at JMMS gathered to honor veterans from the community. The stories that the veterans shared were awe-inspiring and all Americans should thank our veterans every day for the sacrifices that they made, for serving this country, and giving us the freedom that we have today.

There are veterans at JMMS that we were not aware of, including Mr. Hartley (Army National Guard), Mr. Hoffman (Coast Guard), Mrs. Tindel (Army Reserve), Mrs. Murphy (Marine Corps), Mrs. Gregory (Army National Guard), Mrs. Dunlap (Army), Mr. Rivera (U.S. Army) Mrs. Stump (U.S. Army) and Mr. Newton. (U.S. Navy). The sacrifices that these men and women made are tremendous, and they paid a big price for us to have freedom. Their experiences and their stories that they shared were incredible. “I am proud to have served my country,” said Mr. Hartley

“I am embarrassed I never went to war, and thank god I never had to.” Mr. Newton was in the Gulf of Sidra, Operation Desert Shield.

Every single veterans who is a staff member at JMMS said training was hard and difficult. Serving in the military is not easy and it takes a lot of hard work, determination and effort. Some of the veterans also said that a big challenge they faced was being away from home and their family which is a very hard thing. Mrs. Gregory said, “The most challenging thing that I have faced being in the military was training and being away from home for so long.” Others said it was losing a friend. Mr. Rivera said that the most challenging thing in the military was when he was in a room that was almost locked and was caught on fire. “I am a better teacher, husband, father, son, brother and friend because of my experiences over those four years.” said Mr. Hoffman. Overall, all veterans are worthy of respect. whether we know them or we don't, because every veteran did something to help this country.

The youngest veteran in American history was Calvin Graham. He served at the age of 12 in WWII in the Attack of Pearl Harbor.

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How are the 8th graders adjusting to the Chromebooks?

by Abby Moore and Aubree Snow

This year is the first year the eighth graders have Chromebooks. Some students enjoy having them, others would rather use paper and pencil. There are also many pros and cons that students experience with the chromebooks.

How are you adjusting to the Chromebooks?

Many students think having the Chromebooks are a positive thing to have, but some don't enjoy them. Lauren kelly explains, “Having the Chromebooks is nice because, it's good to know that if i lose my homework, i can check polaris.” Students also explain how having the Chromebooks is nice because you don’t have much to carry and the Chromebooks are light.

What are some pros to having the chromebooks?

There are so many pros to having the chromebooks. You don’t carry as many books around, you can find your homework online, and you don't have to physically write as much. Melody Muica stated,”It is nice to not have to carry around as much but they are slow sometimes”. Many students also enjoy that having the chromebooks help you get school work done faster.

What are some cons to having chromebooks?

Even though there are numerous pros to chromebooks, students also explain how many cons there are to having the Chromebooks.l. Lauren Kelly explains. “You have to put away your chromebook for some classes and then you have to go all the way back to your locker to grab them in time for your next class.” Some other cons students experience with the chromebooks are forgetting to charge them at night and having to get a loaner. Since this is the 8th grader’s first year with them, they have to adjust to plugging them in every night along with making sure your homework is done, and practice if you do sports.

Do you prefer paper and pencil or the chromebooks?

Some students enjoy the writing part and prefer it over typing everything. Some students also enjoy typing instead of writing. One 8th grader said, “I enjoy typing because it doesn’t hurt my hand and there isn’t as much writing.” Another 8th grader stated, “I’m not big on typing and iIenjoy the writing.” Some students also don’t enjoy typing because they aren't exactly the greatest at it.

What's a main struggle you seem to find with the chromebooks?

The same problem has been repeated with everyone: forgetting to plug in their chromebooks. Since you can only get three loaners before a detention, many kids are put into a dilemma if their chromebook dies. Another problem found is, Polaris not working and not being able to participate in class activities. Lauren Kelly stated, “It’s a big pain having to put the chromebook in my locker for certain classes.”

There are numerous amounts of pros and cons with the Chromebooks. Some kids just adjust to them at a faster pace than others. Many students also feel like school is better with the Chromebooks.

JMMS PATT puts on another spooktacular Halloween dance

by Elena Snyder

On October 4th, the JMMS PATT once again set up an amazing 6th grade Halloween Dance.

The Halloween Dance was a blast! Everyone had wonderfully spooky costumes from a mouse in a mousetrap to two scintillating jellyfish. Although those were just some of the costumes, there were many more. They had a large selection of food and beverages, such as Fanta and free pizza. There was music from “Kiki Do you Love Me?” By Drake to “YMCA” By The Village People. “The dance was really sweaty, but still fun!” Said Braelyn Radcliff. “My favorite part of the dance was the costumes, especially the jellyfish.”

Everyone had a blast! The six graders would like to say thank you to our PATT and our parent volunteers. The PATT is a parent and teacher organization that runs a nonprofit organization to help students, teachers and families to develop communications and cooperation among students, parents, teachers, and administration, and to provide volunteer programs to assist students, parents, teachers, administration, and the entire JMMS. The sixth graders would also like to thank the P.E teachers for letting us use their gym. We can’t wait till next year to have another great 6th grade Halloween Dance!

Cheering on the team

by Joel Morris

Jackson Middle School was able to hold their annual “Beat Hoover” pep rally on October 10th for the population of students that got the privilege of joining the sports teams, cheerleaders and other members of JMMS that enjoyable afternoon. The primary purpose of the pep rally was to cheer on the sports teams like football, volleyball and many more so that they can win their primary games against Hoover Middle School.

Included at the pep rally was cheering, a relay race and further inspiration given to all students permitted to attend the rally. Students in the school collectively agree that the pep rally was wonderful. Alex Braun says, “It was a great way for students to get rallied up for the Jackson game against the Hoover school team” and other students couldn’t agree more. Ian Eberhardt says, “The rally was fun and I really enjoyed it.” Another student who commented upon the event, Joshua Tsai, said, “I loved the rally and would go again.”

It was obvious that kids at JMMS loved the pep rally and the school did their best. The pep rally ended up being very successful and helped cheer on many of the sports teams to “Beat Hoover!”

7th and 8th graders party on with school spirit

by Kylie Bush

On November 9 of 2018, the 7th and 8th grade Spirit Party took place by the PATT (Parents and Teachers Together) at JMMS in the purple gym.

The PATT did this for school spirit and to raise money. The PATT did a fantastic job at decorating for the party. Deborah Davis the head PATT parent described the planning process as seamless. She said the PATT had "a beautiful pallet of volunteers" who worked with the JMMS staff to result in a "masterpiece." "We had the best group of volunteers ever!" she says.

At the party, three students attended the party. One of the students that attended was Morgan Knight who came to the party because her friends are going. Morgan was decked out with a purple and white tutu with a Jackson Bears sweatshirt, purple and gold necklaces, and purple socks. Tess Parrott another 7th grader could not find her Jackson gear so she through on purple and gold clothes and add-ons. The third student is Kaelyn Smith also a 7th grader had purple hair extensions and cheer socks with a Jackson shirt. Kaelyn also enjoyed the pizza.

Leading up to the main event of the Spirit Party students did a fantastic job at decorating the hallways! I also give a shoutout to Annie Geissinger for winning the essay contest! Congratulations Annie!

Running club offers ways for 6th graders to learn and have fun while running

by Carter Bach

photos by Carter Bach

One of the amazing club opportunities open to students is the 6th grade running club. In the beginning of the school year, members of the 6th grade running club would meet up every Tuesday and Thursday to play games, do races, and simply have fun with their classmates, all while getting lots of exercise!

The 6th grade running club is a twice weekly club where students learn running techniques and then put them into action by doing activities such as races and games. Over the weekend there are even opportunities for club members to run official races, and get a trophy for the club! It is very beneficial to join the club according to the instructor, Mrs. Snow. She says that they have fun with their friends, build stamina, and will learn lifelong fitness habits. Being a member of the club myself, I can say that I learned a lot of healthy habits and had a fun time running with my friends.

Running club is also a productive way to prepare yourself if you wish to join cross country or track later on. Club members learn lots of ways to enhance their running such as how to keep a set pace and beat competitors at the last second. Mrs. Snow that she hopes the club members will join cross country as 7th-12th graders.

Even if you do not want to join any teams later on, the club is still a good way to improve your skills and have a fun time.”It is great exercise, it’s fun, and you get to hang out with all your friends,”said one member who does not plan on joining any running team.

The running club is and always will be a fun experience for any 6th grader who wants to have a great time running.

Editional: Thoughts on the new "Unplug" in The Learning Commons

by Josh Tsai

The new Unplug began in JMMS as of 2018 as a way to get students to really “unplug” from the school materials. You can play games, go on VR stuff, and build with the 3d printer. Is it good or is it bad? To me, I think it is actually a good thing. The fact that students can really chill out and cut themselves from class in SA/Study Hall is cool. Some may think students can abuse this, but it’s their problem when it comes to the bad grade on the report card. Plus, when I go to the library, the Unplug zone is usually empty or at most, no more than 3 people anyway. I don’t feel like students are abusing the privilege to use the Unplug zone, so why take it away? Securly blocks websites that students get distracted by, not the ones they don’t.

Some may question the Unplug activities existences. Funny how you ask that. THERE IS NO POINT! If you ever listened to the announcements, it’s as I said before; To “unplug”. To take a break from stressful work. If you abuse it, have fun trying to explain your bad grades to your parents. Unless the ability to go there is abused, which it’s not, there isn’t a good reason to change it.

According to “10 Ways To Relax That Will Also Make You Smarter”, reading, writing in a diary or journal, drawing, tea, water, and other irrelevant stuff except for playing video games are all ways people can improve their intelligence. Modern day video games do include VR sets like the ones Mr. Huthmaker distributes temporarily for use. We are limited to games that will give us some knowledge, but even those games are getting blocked. I talked to Mr. Huthmaker, and he explained the activities in the area: a 3D printer, books, and other educational based stuff.

So that’s all. I like the Unplug program and would like more time to use it and have fun.

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JMMS tennis team

by Ishan Tripathy

photo by Aiden Hoppe

Every year, the tennis courts are given to the high school team, but this year, it’s JMMS turn. Neither the rain nor wind were able to stop the Jackson Middle School Team this year. Thanks to Coach Sutula the tennis players of JMMS were allowed a chance to play tennis matches against various schools. This year’s line-up was made up of Larson, Ishan, Shiv, Creston, Rocco, Max W, and Hana.

The matches were about thirty minutes long. Each match would consist of six games. Each game in a tennis match is made up of four points. Whoever wins the four points, with the win by two rule, will win a game. Whoever wins six games, win by two again, will win the match. Each match play was about two hours long, on Fridays from 4-6 afterschool. Here is a list of just a few of the schools Jackson played this year: Green, Canton City, Lake, Minerva, and St. Michael.

After the tennis season was over, we asked the tennis team how they felt about this new opportunity to play against various schools. “I am really glad that Jackson had a middle school tennis team. That means I could play tennis with kids my age, around the area, and hope to play with them on the high school team,” was what Larson answered when we asked him. Overall, the team itself went on to win, on average, 83% of it’s games. Each player, on average, wanted to win 8 games out of 10. During the matches, most of the players usually played with 1-2 rackets. The players all said that they would play their best tennis in 75℉. This season, the tennis matches were either cloudy, sunny, windy, or warm.. Luckily, there was a large change in weather each time, so all the players could learn how to play in each type of weather condition.

Even though Jackson didn’t win all their matches, the best part of the losing matches was when the players would learn from their mistakes and get better as the season went on. “I feel that I always have to know what I did wrong after wins and losses,” is what Shiv said. After learning how they played and what aspects of the game to work on, the Middle School Team progressed better and better as the season continued. Overall, even though this was the team’s first season, it was the best first season Jackson could have had in all its years.

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Acid Rein

by Sam Sours

Arkinene rushed down the newly paved sidewalk of Barium Street, skidding to a halt and hanging a left onto Beryllium, desperate to be on time by any means necessary. Her line of sight subconsciously drifted to the tiny clock on her wrist, the time shown on it immediately draining any hope of being on time. 5:49 AM. The bus would be here at 5:50, and she, among other things, was not a great runner. You cannot miss the bus again today, thought Arkinene.

She had already missed it twice this year, and the driver had made it clear that if she were to miss the bus a third time it would not hesitate to disable her transportation pass until next year, which was still seven months away. Seven months of three less hours of sleep and walking an extra nine miles to the electrical farms. Neither of which she could afford.

Three minutes later, Arkinene stood behind a large group at the bus stop, desperately trying to catch her breath as well as thanking whatever deity of luck had shone upon her today, if it was even luck behind the delay. She rested against the plain white wall of the Block 16M residential building, waiting for the bus that was late for the first time since she was here.

“Arki!” a girl with light brown hair in a distinct fishtail braid ran towards her exhausted friend, stopping just short of the stop sign that she stood behind. “You were almost late again today! You’re so lucky that transport was delayed.”

“I’m not getting here late, transport is just getting here too early.”

“You always say that.” She searched around in her bag until she found a small metallic bracelet and slipped it onto her wrist. The logo engraved into the bracelet was different than it was yesterday, and Arkinene knew it well as the symbol of the Electrical Distribution Unit, one of the highest ranks in the management division. Rein must have been promoted again over the weekend. “You know, if you weren’t late all the time you could have been in management by now too.”

“Pfft, I wish. Like I have the mental capacity to manage anyone but myself.”

The girl with the fishtail braid adjusted her new rank bracelet, rolling her eyes. She knew Arkinene would have been promoted to a rank beyond high, if she had any time sense, but the day that Arkinene would be on time for the bus would be the day pigs grew wings and flew.

Just then, the bus finally arrived. Once the doors opened they made their way through the mob of fellow teens and stepped into the dull white interior of the bus. They individually showed their transportation passes to the scanner, the familiar metallic buzz of it’s voice assigning them to their new seat for the week.

“Rein Denfit, transport bus number four, seat assignment number three.”

“Arkinene Nanec, transport bus number four, seat assignment number twenty-three.”

They sighed and took their respective seats, knowing that it would be another six days until they had another chance to sit somewhere where they could at least talk to each other.

Is it too much to ask to want to sit with my friends on transport for once? Arkinene thought as she stared out the window at the murky brown ocean that rose to just beneath the consecutive line-up of bridges.

She once heard a myth that the ocean used to be cleaner and blue, but she found it unbelievable since the only oceans she’s ever seen were a pitch black, a darkly tinted brown at best. She also heard once that the ground was green and full of grass, instead of concrete and a light gray. She had even heard that things called trees made all the oxygen, and even that winged rats ruled the sky, and that most farms were outdoors. These were all the myths that have been passed down through generations, never being confirmed but at the same time never being denied. It didn’t matter, they were just that; myths. Whether the sky and oceans were blue instead of gray and black-brown was never any of her generation’s concern. Even if it was, the chances that they would be successful in prying answers out of the Eendors were probably as nonexistent as the answers themselves.

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The Seven Wonders: It's just the beginning

by Mackenzie Czekansky and Olivia Richardson

Wrath - 4,000 years ago

The battlefield spread out in front of Wrath, a cold smile creeping up on her face. She smiled slyly, small teeth poking out, giving the illusion of fangs. Despite her small frame, Wrath was a monster not to be messed with.

She looked around, scanning the enemy’s territory for the best point of attack. Waiting was not Wrath’s strong suit, but if meant vengeance, she would make sure her side won. Approaching just beyond the horizon, was a man of great style, and a woman sleeking just beside him with her long wavy hair looming beside her slender figure;both of whom were soon identified by Wrath, as the lizard sin of Lust, and snake sin of Greed. “Hey shorty!” Greed’s voice called through the bitter air.

Wrath turned sharply, glaring at Greed through slitted eyes.

Lust patted Greed’s arm, giving him a warm smile. “Aww, Greeeed,” she said, drawing out the ‘e’, “don’t tease Wrath. She may be tiny, but she is certainly deadly. Besides, you’d rather have her here than with the Virtues, right?”

Greed mumbled out an agreement, and Wrath turned back to the horizon. Greed cleared his throat before speaking, “Our best point of advance is probably through the right east hills. From there we can head down the front rivers of Gaea-”

“And invoke havak!” Wrath finished his sentence.

“Uh, more like cast a shadow of power and ownership over all since we’ve been so hungry for this many years,” He stopped and turned to the small figure beside him, “but if that’s what you want….”

Wrath grinned. “When do we leave?”

“As soon as possible. We just have to get Sloth up.”

Wrath groaned, while Lust laughed next to the child. It was a perky sound, almost like bells ringing or birds singing.

“Cut Sloth some slack, hm?” She asked in a smooth and cooing tone. “I think he just needs a little push once in a while.”

“Of course you stand up for him,” Wrath rolled her eyes. “He just does whatever you say and lets you always be up front.”

“Simple minds are the easiest to deceive,” Lust stated, shrugging.

Greed butted in, trying to center the conversation back around strategy. “Well, I was thinking that once we get to the Virtue camp, we could stage a sort of surprise attack. We’ll need to pair up teams-”

“Yeah, yeah,” Wrath interrupted once more, “we can work on your little teams later. For now, I say we get moving and get back at the Virtues.”

Lust nodded, agreeing. “It really is vital that we get moving. Please Greed?” She batted her eyes, an “innocent” look appearing graceful on her face.

Wrath watched as Greed’s face melted and he grinned at Lust. “Of course. Let’s get everyone ready.”

“Thank you, love!” Lust slinked off, a confident smile dawning her face that was the complete opposite of Wrath’s deep scowl.

“Alright,” she began, “I say we get moving now.”

“I know. You’ve made your point.”

“Then get the rest of those lazy people up and let’s go.” Wrath turned away and pulled out a silver knife, turning it over in her hand.

“You know, you are quite a sight: A small little girl with pigtails holding a knife in her hand.”

“Children may be one of the deadliest things known to man.” With that said, Wrath walked down the hill, a sun setting behind her and casting a soft yellow glow on her skin. “Tonight we take what's ours.”

Behind her followed the people she called allies, not friends, but acquaintances. And as they hurried away toward the enemy camp, they were ready to seize time and make a mark one way or another...

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Stuck on Positive

by Carmen Thompson

“So in conclusion the answer is 2,142”, said Mrs. Jones. I didn’t really pay attention during class but I guess I could just assume the answer. I was pretty good at math, I will admit, but I just didn't like it. “Klara do you understand why this is the answer”, said Mrs. Jones .

”Oh, yes it is 2,142 just like you said”, I replied. “Klara I asked if you understood why this is the answer, not what it was, please pay more attention”, she said. “Yes Mrs. Jones”, I answered quietly. I soon was dismissed from class and went straight to my locker. I grabbed a sticky note from my bag and wrote “You are you and that is just true nobody can be just like you”. I then stuck it on a random locker. Then I began to walk to class and then I heard “Hey little baby girl need some help or do you always look like you are lost”, said ever insolent Raila Sullivan. I just kept on walking and ignored her impotent comment.

When I got home, I promptly went up to my room and began my math homework. Before long, I had finished it and dashed downstairs for dinner. My mom made macaroni and cheese. “So how was school today?”, my mom politely inquired. “I guess it was ,okay I have a math test in a couple of days and I bumped up to an A in Social Studies”, I replied. “Well, I am ecstatic for you! Also, your step dad will be home in about an hour and wanted to take us out for ice cream so make sure you are ready”, she said. I liked my step dad, as he was nice, but he was filthy rich and I didn't exactly enjoy that. He would buy us all kinds of stuff and he even wanted to buy us a new house! It was kind of creepy. My mom is a head dentist and she is truly wonderful at her job. People have rated her top dentist. We have an unassuming house and I am always contented about that.

The next morning when I got on the bus I pulled a sticky note out of my book bag and wrote, “You are an intelligent person don't wait for luck just go for it”. I stuck it on the window hoping a good person would find it. When I walked into school everybody was saying things like “Who wrote that note on the locker?”, or “Dude what note did you get”. I wondered how many people actually found one or who exactly found it. So I decided to write a few and stick them around while no one seemed to be looking. Then I slipped away. “ OMG! I can't believe that Klara isn't wearing a cool girl outfit!”, said the sassy and “cool” girls. Then the girls just giggled. I knew they were being sarcastic. This impudent group of girls makes fun of my outfits and I don't understand why. I just try to ignore them. When I got to my L.A. class I began to work on my project. It wasn’t the project that I had wanted to do but I guess it would do.

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Sparky and Bolt's Adventures

by Korbin Boivin
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Can O' Soda

by Kowen Gayhart
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The Stone Family

by Nathanael Hinkle
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