Long distance Relationships

Love isn't measured by the miles that separate friends.


I have met most of my best friends I know today through friends I used to know. Some of them I was so fortunate to meet such great people on the internet. In this paper, I will use pathos to persuade you that long distance relationships are important to learning culture and having/ keeping new friends. All you need is a computer, an username, and an open mind for this journey!


My friends and I communicate in various ways. One of the most common ways is through an app called Kik. Kik is an instant messaging app that is free of charge over WiFi. The second common way we talk and keep in touch is an app called Skype. Skype is an app where you can call anyone else who uses Skype and do voice or video chats. It is also great to see their expressions that on a cellphone screen which can seem flat note and dull.
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The first friend I met is a 15 year old girl named Ida. I met her through my good friend, Michele. Ida is not from the United States. She is in fact from the country Singapore. One disvantage of us living so far apart is the time zones and differences. In Singapore, the time difference is about twelve hours. An advantage of knowing Ida, I learned about many things about Singapore that books or pictures capture.
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The second friend is a 17 year old named Travis. I met him through my great friend, Bryce. Travis does live in the United States; He lives in Arkansas. One disadvantage of having a friend living in the United States is the miles between us. We live over a thousand miles away from each other. One advantage however is that we may be miles apart, he is very comforting and sympathetic like a true friend.


The third friend I have met is a 19 year old man named Eden. I met him through my great friend, Travis. Eden lives in the United States as well; He lives in Arkansas too! He actually lives in the same town Travis does! One disadvantage is that Eden can be an older brother which leads to mocking. However, an advantage is that he is humorous and enjoyable on the many calls we have.
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The fourth friend I have met is a 17 year old girl named Saf. I met her through my great friends, Travis and Eden. Saf lives in the United States as well; she lives in New Jersey. One disadvantage of is that Saf has an overprotective mother which leads to not talking a lot some days. One advantage is that Saf is one of the sweetest people I know. She is so caring as well!

Predators and Liars

Unfortunately there is a lot of creeps on the mobile web anymore. You have watch what you say to certain people because they will write it down and try to find you with that information you gave them. Those situations never end good. Young people lose their lives due to things like this. However we should use precaution when playing on the internet. Don't become a statistic. Use internet safety!

Friendship is Friendship

Friendship isn't defined by the quantity of friends you have; it's about the quality of friends you have. My parents have pounded that into my skull since day one. My friends, I know they have my back and won't leave me behind. They are my best friends in the universe. I am very grateful for them.

Number of miles doesn't define anything

Total miles between my best friends and I add up to a total of 10,798.3 miles. That's a lot! I won't give up hope or courage on meeting them all one day! That's a fact! My friends mean the world to me, so it's the least I can do.


In conclusion, I just want to say give long distance a chance. You never know who you may meet. In long run, they are the best people I know and love like family. You should try it too!