The Hunting Ground

Documentary Analysis

Purpose And Thesis

In the documentary "The Hunting Ground", the purpose was to inform others that colleges do not help victims of sexual assault, and if they do they help as little as possible, they successfully achieved this message by using logos, pathos, and statistics.

Athlete's (Logos)

In college they are all about their teams, especially football. Jameis Winston (Florida State University) who was accused of sexually assaulting Eric Kinsman and one other. Many interviews of residents in the towns of many colleges defended the teams (players). Most saying "You don't want to mess with the team, you know the town will be against you for ruining its sport". Normally the sport most defended was football.


- More than 16% of college women are sexually assaulted while in college

- 88% of women sexually assaulted on campus do not report.

- Less than 8% of men in college commit more than 90% of sexual assaults.

- One in 5 women and one in 16 men are sexually assaulted while in college