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We have been using PowerPoint and other presentation software for quite some time. Peardeck is a presentation software with extra features similar to Kahoot. It isn't a game, but students can participate and answer questions during your lesson. The BEST part is that you can upload your presentations into Peardeck and add new features. NO RE-CREATING!!! Also, Peardeck is an add on to our Google e-mail account so there are no fees to join and use. To see more about how it works, check out this link...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=evoJy4WcReM. In order to add on Peardeck to your Google account, visit http://www.peardeck.com, and select "Sign in with Google."

New iPad Apps

Air Server- Works similarly to Air Drop on the iPads, but more than one person can connect at a time. With the right technology, the possibilities are endless.

Doodle Buddy- Perfect for K-2, Doodle Buddy allows you to draw, paint, and add stickers. Create a masterpiece!

Number Rak- Need a new hands-on math activity? Students use a number rak to begin thinking in fives and tens for addition and subtraction.

Voice Thread- Create and share dynamic conversations around documents, snapshots, diagrams, and videos- basically anything there is to talk about. You can talk, type, and draw right on the screen.

Hop Scotch:Hour of Code Edition- This award-winning app lets you make your own games and publish them instantly for anyone to play.

TouchCast- Annotate anything easily and quickly with TouchCast Studio. Add webpages, files, images, videos... nearly anything! Then record and share it across the web!

Skitch- Have an idea? Use Skitch to snap a picture, mark it up with simple tools, and send it on an instant.

Typing Agent- Students practice their typing skills by completing missions like a secret agent.

New Books for 2016

These titles will be available after Christmas-

Mr. Putter and Tabby collection

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Old School

Lego Ninjago books

Dory Fantasmagory series

Magic Tree House: Super Edition book 1

...and MORE!

What Would You Like to See in the Library?

Our local money is now available, and I will be ordering new resources and materials for our library. If you would like me to order any materials PLEASE let me know!

January Resources

Martin Luther King, Jr.
100th Day of School