The Washing Machine

By: Olivia Neyen

1. Sticks and Stones

The Ancient people pounded their clothes on stones to clean them. They also rubbed them with abrasive sands. They got the dirt off their clothes by washing them in streams. The soap they used was made out of fat from sacrificial animals.

2. Scrub Board

In 1797 the scrub board was made.

3. The Rotary Drum

in 1782 an English man invented the process of using a rotating drum to clean clothes. In 1851 an American James King patented the first washing to use a drum. The machine resembles the machine we have today, but it was hand powered.

4. Domestic Washing Machine

In 1874 William Blackstone built the domestic washing machine which was the first washer designed for a home. It was invented to remove dirt from clothes.

5. The Rotary Squeeze Drummer

The rotary squeeze scrubber was the first washing machine that was both a washing and wringing device. Rollers squeezed water out of the clothes. In result of having rollers peoples fingers got caught in them and sometimes they lost fingers.

6. The Thor

The Thor was invented by Alva J. Fisher in 1908. The Thor was a drum-based electric washing machine that had a galvanized tub and an electric motor.

7. The Adgitator

Electric powered washing devices several changes in order to invent a mechanical action similar to the "scrub board" motion. This motion breaks the bond of soil and textiles. In attempt to increase the wash effectiveness without damaging the lines several different paddle type and corrugated rotors were invented in the early 1900s. Today most washing machines have corrugated drum style in the front loaders and paddle type agitator in the top loaders like the designs in the 1920s.

8. Maytag Whirlpool

In the 1900s many people were buying washing machines, which resulted in no many people buying washers in the 1930s. These machines were filtered manually and temporarily to water supplies. Several people attached a rubber hose to a standard kitchen tap. In 1893 Maytag Corporations in Newton, Iowa made a wodden-tub washing machine. The electric motor-driven wringer washers were invented by the Whirlpool Corporations in 1911 in St. Joseph,Michigan.

9. Automatic Washing Machine

In 1937 Bendix introduced the first automatic washing machine. The appearance of the first washer is like the washer we have today. The method of water removal was a lot safer because of the spinning of the drum. In 1953 many washers were being sold. Even more than the wringer-type washer sales. The speed washers spin at has increased by 1300 rmp over the years. Washers have to be anchored to the floor to prevent "walking". In 1947 Bendix introduced a newer model called the Bendix Deluxe.

Why was the washing machine invented?/ How has the washing machine changed our lives today?

The washing machine was invented to make it easier, faster, and safer for people to wash their clothes.

Where as it invented?