Novio Boy

By Gary Soto


Rudy wants to go on a date with Patricia. But he has no money. So he starts to sell apples. Then his friend gives him some money and they had a good date.

The theme is never give up Evidace:"no, they're appels sir five apples for 1 dollar."

Conflict: Rudy doesn't have money.

Evidence: "Can I barrow fifteen bucks."

inner conflict: Rudy doesn't have enough confidence

Evidence: "what am I going to talk about."

External conflicts: man vs. man his mom doesn't want him to go on the date

Evidence: "your to little to have friends."




1: baffeled-totally bewilder or perplex

synonym -puzzle

2: plums-a type of fruit

synonym -fruit

3: surreptiously-keep secretly

synonym -secret

favorite quote: aye los frijoles

"Ay los frijoles"

It makes you laugh and it makes Rudy leave so that his uncle doesn't know that he has a girlfriend.