Life Without the Moon

Meteor Shower

If the moon would be smashed or knocked off course by a huge asteriod, the debirs from the collison would rain down on Earth for years. Nothing would be able to protect you from the falling asteriods because they are so big and would destroy everything they hit.
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The Axis

Right now, the Earth's axis is stable at about 23 degrees. Without the the moon's gravitational pull, the tilt would be extreme and could cause cycles of climate change. The seasons would be inhospitably extreme. The earth would heat up, freeze up, then heat up again. Our Earth could possibly tip over, making one half of the Earth in constant sunlight, while the other half is in total darkness. The sunny side would be unbearably hot, while the dark side would be freezing.

Everlasting Storms

With the sunny side and the dark side of the Earth, the temperature differences would cause massive flows of air between the north and south, causing huge stoms. These sweeping climate shifts could possibly destroy our atmosphere for good. The same thing happened to Mars. Mars was once water friendly, but now it is dry and dead.


There would still be ocean tides, but the high tides would be at noon everywhere. With no moon, tides would be about 2.5 times lower. Many fertile deltas would dry up, causing great harm to nature. Many areas would face droughts, which could lead to famine, diseases, and even possibly war.
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