23 short questions that will help you out!

1. How do i check availability of the apartments for the dates of my trip?

Add your check in (arrival date) and check out (departure date) and then click on “Search” button.
The system will show you all the apartments we have available for the period of your stay. You will be able to see its pictures, equipment, rates and descriptions before selecting the right one for your stay.

2. What should i do to book an apartment?

Once you found the right place for your stay, you can send us a reservation request by completing the form and clicking on the button “send”. We will receive your reservation request. The reservation request is subject to landlord confirmation. We will contact the landlord and we will write you back confirming the availability of the property for the requested dates. We will invite you then to confirm your reservation through PayPal, Dinero mail or bank deposit (only if you are in Argentina). Once we get your confirmation, you will receive an e-mail with the address of the apartment and the appointment (day and time) we will be waiting for you at the apartment to give you the keys. You have 24 hours to confirm your request after which the request you sent is disabled and the reservation process need to be restarted.

3. Is the availability of the apartments actualized?

Yes, the availabilities shown on the web site are daily updated. What our system doesn’t show are the “requests in process”. This means that the apartment might been asked hours before and it still waiting for confirmation. In case that request in process is confirmed you will receive an email explaining the situation and showing up other apartments available so that you can choose other option.

4. How long it will take to receive a reply from Baires Lodge after sending the reservation request?

No longer than 24 hs if your request was sent between Monday and Saturdays during business hours.

5. What should I do if I do not receive any answer?

We might have problems receiving your request. So it is recommendable to resend it or to write us an e-mail telling about the delay in order to start processing it.

6. Who will receive me at the apartment?

On day and time arranged with you via e-mail, a representative of Baires Lodge will receive you at the apartment to give you the keys and sign the contract. Also, sometimes it is normal to have the landlord receiving you that day to introduce himself.

7. Who will do the check out on my departure day?

On day and time arranged, the landlord of the apartment will come to your place to say goodbye, receive back the keys and give you back the deposit.

8. How can I calculate at what time I will arrive to the apartment?

International Airport (EZE): Landed time + 2 hours

Jorge Newbery Airport (AEP):

· International flight: Landed time + 1:30 hours

· Domestic Flight: Landed time + 1 hour.

By Bus at Retiro: Arrival time + 50 minutes.

Ship (Buquebus or Sea Cat): Arrival time + 1 hour.

We deliver keys regularly from 09.00AM to 09:00PM. If you will be arriving to the apartment before 09:00am or after 09:00pm, please, let us know this when you confirm the reservation in order to make special arrangements. This service has an additional cost and will be charged as follows:

Arrival from 6:00am to 9:00am and from 9:00pm to 12:00am: US$ 20.
From 12.00am to 4:00 am US$ 40.

9. What happens if my flight is delayed?

When you confirm the booking, our system will ask you for your arrival flight number. This information is very important because it allows our representatives to check with the airport if any delay occurs with your flight. If it happens, we will be informed and we will be able to calculate a new appointment time at the apartment to give you the keys. We will be there always two hours after the new arrival time given for the flight number you gave us opportunely. You do not need to worry if a delay occurs because the airport will inform us the new arrival time.

10. What happens if I lost a connection and I will be arriving to Buenos Aires with a different flight number?

In this case it is important that you try to be in touch with us to set a new appointment at the apartment as we will not have the way to find out the new flight number. Please call our office first, send an email to our representative in order to inform the new flight number or call our emergency line.

11. If I loose my luggage or have any other complication once at the airport in Buenos Aires, what should I do?

Please get in touch with us in order to arrange a new check in time.

12. For how long the representative of Baires Lodge will be waiting for us at the apartment?

Our representative will wait for 30 additional minutes to the time arranged with you via email.

13. What happens if I arrive to the apartment more than 30 minutes delayed and I could not inform about the delay?

If this happens a work day during our commercial time, we will be waiting for you at our offices to give you the keys and sign the contract. If this happens a weekend or a work day on non business hours, you will find a sign on the front door of the building with the phone number of the representative who was waiting for you at the apartment. Call him or her in order to arrange the new check in time.

14. How should I calculate my departure time from the apartment?

You should arrange the pick up taxi for 3 hours before your flight departs.

15. Is there any check in or a check out time?

Yes, Check in time: 14.00 hs // Check out time: 10.00 hs

However, depending on the availability, landlord might be able to allow you check out later or check in earlier.

16. How the system calculates the cost of my stay?

When the apartments have a weekly and a monthly rate, the costs are calculated as below:
a) If you booked one week, you will pay one week.
b) If you booked more than one week and less than one month, you will pay the pro-rate of the weekly cost for the total number of nights you’ve booked.
c) If you booked one month, you will pay one month (note: one month = 30 nights).
d) If you booked for more than one month, you will pay the pro-rate of the monthly cost for the total number of nights you’ve booked.

17. What is included in the price?

Usually, the published rates includes: electricity, gas, building fees, taxes, water, cable TV, internet connection and –when specified- and maid service once a week. In all the cases, the expenses included are published in our website page of each apartment. Please, verify the expenses included in the published rate of the selected apartment.

18. What charges are not included on the price?

The administrative fees (US$ 40) are not included in the rent. They should be added to the final cost of your stay.
Also, usually all apartments with phone will only includes local phone calls, for international or cell phone calls you will need to buy a phone card. We recommend Telecom Global.

19. Whom should I contact if I have questions regarding the apartment once I check in?

During check in we will provide you our phone number and landlord’s phone number for any question during your stay.

20. What’s the meaning of “maid service”, what should I expect?

When the maid service is included you will receive a cleaning service at home. The cleaning service is provided by the landlord. Usually, maid service is included once a week. In those cases cleaning products are also provided by the landlord. The maid service usually does not include the change of linens and towels except when specified otherwise.

21. How should I return the apartment at my departure?

As you will receive the apartment clean, with fresh linens and towels. Landlord expects that the unit will be returned in the same conditions as it was given, even when the apartment includes maid service. You do not need to take care of cleaning the last linens or the last towels used.

22. How many linens and towels will I receive at the apartment?

Usually, you will receive two sets of towels per guest and two set of linens per bed.
In this way, guests can always have one set while the other one is at the laundry. When the maid service provided includes changing of linens and towels you will find only one set of towels per guest and one set of linens because the second one is changed by the maid each time she goes to the apartment.

23. How can I connect to internet from the apartment?

If Internet connection is WIFI, you will be provided with the password for the connection.

If it’s cable Internet connection, you will need a laptop in order to get online.

In both cases our representative will assist you with this during check in.