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Civil Public Discourse

At the recent Q Commons Sacramento on October 13, 2016, the issue of civil public discourse was addressed in a panel discussion moderated by ACTS Group director Jeff Kreiser. Councilwoman Bonnie Gore, Superintendent Ed Manansala and Assemblyman Ken Cooley talked about how they approach the challenges they face in public service in the midst of a contentious cultural environment. You will be encouraged as you hear from these significantly positioned public leaders in how their faith guides them in their work, their leadership and how they engage in public discourse.
Discussion Panel- Civil Public Discourse

How Should Christians Think About Voting?

In just one week, a new president will be elected as well as many local and statewide offices. Diverse Christian voices are advocating for very different kinds of candidates. In the national Q broadcast, Kirsten Powers and Ross Douthat were interviewed by Gabe Lyons in terms of how--if at all--should faith inform our political involvement? Is there a mandate that all Christians vote? How can we disagree well with those we love most? Listen in to the conversation. You may nod in agreement or shake your head wondering how they could say something like that, but it is a good example of the commitment of Q to bring different voices together to address questions like these.
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Get Involved: Convergence Team Now Being Formed

Do you want to be part of convening leaders, curating content, encouraging courageous conversations and actions? We are building a new team who will help develop and promote both Q Commons and Convergence “Live”. The first meeting will be in early December. Let us know about your interest or a referral at

Roles Available: Project Manager / Sound and Staging Crew / Hospitality / Marketing & Social Media / Tech / Set-up Crew / Decorations / Account Managers / Sponsor Care / Photography

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Convergence “Live” on Friday, March 24, 2017

Mark your calendar today for our next premier leadership event, Convergence “Live”. This full day event will be divided into three segments, you can register for one, two or all three. Registration will be available on November 16. The morning and afternoon sessions will be built around a theme critical to transforming cities and culture. The evening session will include dinner and all “live” talks by local and national speakers addressing critical issues. Block out March 24 on your calendar to be fully engaged with all that will be offered. Sponsors are welcome to reserve one of 10 exclusive opportunities to help promote and support this key event. Contact us at

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