The Tempest


*Prospero - Former Duke of Milan, sorcerer responsible for the storm

*Miranda - Daughter of Prospero, she falls in love with the son of the King

*Alonso - King of Naples

*Ferdinand - Son of Alonso, he falls in love with Miranda

*Sebastian - Brother of the King


Prospero vs Antonio

The reason Prospero and Miranda are on the island is because of Antonio. He wanted to be the Duke, so he betrayed his brother. He had Prospero and his daughter sent away, knowing they weren't likely to survive

Sebastian vs Alonso

Antonio convinces Sebastian if he kills his brother, Alonso, he will be king. Although the plan never actually works, Sebastian makes attempts to kill his own brother.

Caliban vs Prospero

When Caliban meets Stephano, Trinculo, and alcohol, he decides he has a new master. He plans with them to kill Prospero, then they could control the island and have Miranda.

Stephano vs Caliban

At the end of the play Caliban decides that he would be better off serving Prospero. He realizes that the alcohol his new masters had gave him wasn't always a good thing


Servant Master

  • Arial and Caliban both serve Prospero
  • Caliban serves Stephano
  • Gonzalo serves the King


  • Prospero obtains magic from his robe
  • He creates the storm that shipwrecks the kings boat
  • Arial is constantly using magic to trick people


The Island

The majority of the play takes place on the island.

The Ship

At the start of the play, the characters are on a ship during a storm trying to figure out what to do next


Prosper gives his forgiveness to everybody who has done him wrong. He was right in doing so, because he himself had done wrong. He used his magic to shipwreck many men. Prospero also used his magic to keep Caliban his slave, causing him pain.