Native American Masks

Discovery of Native American Masks

Native American Masks History

A mask is something that is worn on someones face, it is also used for ceremonial or practical uses. They can be used or parties and other party events. They were used in ceremonies, given as gifts, and each one was hand crafted. They also used in special dances to please the sprits. The masks have a significence behind their art, the significance of the Native Americans is way of life to them. A lot of the masks are modeled after animals. The mask were made by things that they had on hand. Many were made out of wood. They would make paint out of things they had and would add things like feathers, straw, hair, and other elements they had available to them. They also use leather and corn husks.

Style of Native American Masks

Some characteristics of Native American masks are painted, but they have physical things added to it. Such as feathers, straw, hair, leather, and corn husks. They use different colors of paint, also seen is the different ways they carve in to the wood or how they place feathers and different physical things on the masks. Some even have more than one mask with in it. Elements that can be seen are color, texture, form, and balance. Some principals seen are scale, unity, and emphasis. The styles can range from simple or in

to something with lots of different things added to it.

My Opinion

With Native American masks, I thing that they can not only be worn, but they can also tell a story. Something I read was interesting was that there are different type that they use. Then also saying that there can be a mask within a mask. Another thing that I have noticed that their mask will have a name, but will not always look like what it says. If I could I would go and vist the places where they have these masks just to learn more about them.