Read this information on communism and see what you think!

What is communism?

Communism is the thought or belief that people are equal.this means if I get something you get the same thing you don't get anything better than me and I don't get anything better than you were both equal.It's kind of like a perfect society or is it? Say for example you and a handful of your classmates actually studied for a test you get a 100 but you live in a communist county the teacher can give everyone a 70 if they want because everyone's equal no one's better than anyone.

Fights or wars over Communism

The Tianamen square massacre

This massacre happened because their were a bunch of college students protesting the communist rule.These students wanted to live in a democracy.In a communist country if you don't agree with the government they will either throw you in jail or shot you and keep moving.this is what happened in tianamen square .The soldiers had to get the law pulled back before they could do anything first.It was not as if they had not been warned ,but these people wanted a democracy so bad that they were going to starve and face a bullet if it was going to get them their freedom.

The Korean War

The Korean War was a war between north and South Korea . North Korea wanted to unite all of Korea under communist rule.South Korea was a democratic country they did not agree with trying to unite all of Korea under communist rule. The United States agreed with the south.this is why we joined the war but also because we wre afraid of the domino theory .This is the belief that if one country falls to communist rule others around to would to.the Korean War lasted for two years in which neither side gained anything economically.The war was finally over when a treaty was signed to stop fighting.The country of Korea is now divide at the 38th parallel.

The Vietnam War

When Vietnamese defeated the French a peace conference was held and it was decided that the country of Vietnam would be dived at the 17th parallel just like Korea who is divided at the 38th parallel.In the north Ho Chi Minh and his communist party would rule this part.In the south the non-communist government if president Ngo Dinh would rule there.The north was supported by the soviet union and china.This war was primarily a war between the communist party and the non communist party.There was also the Viet cong.the viet cong were people in south Vietnam who wanted to be communist therre was fighting amoung the viet cong and the people who were not for communism. Just like the Korean war the United states got involved because our fear of the domino theory.President Dwight Eisenhower felt that US presence would prevent all of Vietnam from falling to communist rule.Later on Vietnam showed everyone that even the United states could be defeated.They launched the Tet offensive in 19668 that made the US be pulled from the war.Unlike the Korean war people in the United states were angered by our presence in Vietnam. the US troops being withdrew from Vietnam was called Vietnamization. The war ended in 1975 when the south surrendered to the north.Vietnam still remains a communist country to this day.

The Ho Chi Minh trail

This is the trail the communist vietnamese troops took. It was a system of paths through the jungles and mountains that connected north and south Vietnam via Laos and Cambodia.This effected the spread of communism because they could have been gathering followers.

What do you think?

Now that you have heard the information what do think about the containment of communism.Do you think it worked or not?Keep in mind while making your decsion that communism is in five countries today including Cuba.So what do you think?