Clyde Barrow

Caitlyn Roske

About him!

Clyde was a theif, and a murderer. My partner in crime is Bonnie.I 1st was arrest was because he didn't return a car.I only carry bonnie around because her right leg has a 3 degree burn.

child hood

I have 7 sisters and brothers. I was born on March,24 1909. I got into crime by stealing. I got into instruments because of my mom. My parents were farmers but poor people.when around 15 i tried to enter the navy, but rejected. I had even a tatto it said USN.

love and romance

Bonnie, and me met in Dallas,Tx.Bonnie and i were around 19 when we met.Even thoe Bonnie was married to Ray Thorten me and her were in love.There is a piture of Bonnie smoking a cigar but she really hates cigars.

life of crime

After a long time in jail i wished to make a life but policemen made me lose jobs so i went back to crime. After that i went on a rampage of robing, and killing. I went to Wiliomes to not be chased but Wiliomes dad turned me and bonnie in so he could redem his son.

death hour

I died May,23 1934. Me and Bonnie were driving when all the sudden Texas Rangers amboshed us.I was so famous that hunters tried to cut off hair,my ear, and Bonnies dress.

someone to look up to

I do not think Clyde is a remodel because he did some bad things.He is famous because he was dangeres and wanted by a lot of people.When i picked Clyde i didn`t know he was.Ms.Peat sogjested him. I found information at, and


He was in school till 16 which his brother influenced him.u