After-school Enrichment Classes

Quarter 2 beginning the week of November 2, 2015 (7 classes)

What is your child interested in?

We will be offering enrichment classes after school for students interested in trying out new experiences.

Here are the options for Quarter 2 and the instructor for the course:

Choir - Mrs. Schaefer and Mrs. Putzulu

Hula - Ms. Basug

Drama - Mrs. Araki

Sports and games - Mrs. Lyman

Hawaiian quilting - Mrs. Pita

Photography - Mr. Miller

Art - Ms. Young and Ms. McKee

STEM - Ms. Dunham

Japanese language and culture - Ms. Goto

Cooking - Ms. Omori

Fitness and games - Mrs. Villar

Media Club - Mrs. Cummings and Mrs. Armstrong

Drawing and Lettering - Mrs. Cotham

Drawing - Mrs. Cotham

Guaranteed to be FUN for the students!

Cost is $50 for 7 1-hour classes except for Art ($70 for 7 1.5 hour classes)

Pick up a registration form in the Office, one for each student. Select the class that your child would like to attend; you will select a first, second, and third choice. Parents will be informed when your child has been accepted to an enrichment class or if he/she is on a wait list.

Questions? Call Mr. Kawaguchi or Mrs. Iwase at 808 305-3400.