Lincoln Lion's Local Buzz

December 7, 2018

For starters....

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White Elephant Party On Monday

Monday, during our usual faculty meeting time, we will have a staff holiday/white elephant party in the library. If you would like to participate in the gift exchange please bring something that costs no more than $10. IA's, custodians, and cafeteria staff are welcome and we'd love to have you join us for the fun. We will have food from Barbaritos to enjoy too! IF we have no school due to snow, we will reschedule the party for the following Monday the 17th.

At Gala to Remember...

For so many reasons our gala was an event to remember. Thank you Seth for all the hard work you put in to help our students SHINE! Hollie we appreciate your holiday snowflake was left on our school tree from a mystery merry maker. Thank you to all of our teachers and IAs who came to support our students. Thank you Kathy for staying and helping, your support as the night went on was tremendous. I'm so appreciative to have Barbara with us, and never were we so thankful to have her at Lincoln when we needed a fast call for support. Finally, I'm thankful for my time in Baltimore for training me to step in and address very tall angry people in chaotic situations! (Kidding....not kidding). All joking aside on that last one, it really was a team effort that, over all, was a wonderful night. Thank you to everyone for helping Lincoln shine!

Jacki Wolfe Is Looking for Support for KCS Students

As many of you may know, Kathy Parham, one of our homebound teachers is going to be out the rest of the year. Due to the number of student receiving homebound services, we are in need of teachers who are willing to provide that support after school (getting an hourly rate). If you are interested please let me know and I will contact Jacki who will put Deb Irvin in touch with you.

Instructional Assistant Course offered through Canvas

For those who are interested the district has created a course for Instructional Assistants. If you are looking for some professional development in your current position this could be an option for you.

This course has enabled open enrollment. You can self-enroll in the course with this address: URL: Alternatively, you can sign up at and use the following join code: WHBD7A

10 Days of Christmas --The 11 pipers and 12 drummers were just too loud to be at school !

Due to all the things going on at school we will be focusing on the last 10 days before break and dismissing the pipers and drummers due to noise. Here is our list that has opportunities for adults as well as our kids to enjoy some holiday cheer:

December 10: Holiday Accessory Extravaganza--wear one or as many holiday accessories as you like today.

December 11: Christmas Sock Day

December 12: Everyone Wear Red! (Highlight this with your kids! Have them wear red too!)

December 13: Holiday Song Sneak Attack--individually or with your class surprise serenade another person, class, or group or people (i.e. the office, or cafeteria staff) on the sneak! Brighten others' day with the gift of song.

December 14: Wish others Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas/Happy New Year in a different language. As a class learn how countries who speak different languages wish each other Happy Holidays/ Merry Christmas/Happy New Year over the week, then on the 14th greet others in the hallway with holiday greetings from other countries! (A great place to start is with Mrs. Clark before she leaves on Tuesday afternoon--she can help you with what they say in Finland!)

December 17: Everyone wear green! (Highlight this with your kids! Have them wear green too!)

December 18: Ugly Sweater Day

December 19: Cookie Party! Bring cookies to the conference room to share with everyone!

December 20: Best Classroom Snowman--With your class create a snowman and post it outside your classroom door. Make it as big as you would like. Our esteemed judge, also known as our illustrious Mr. Stokely, will go around to view snowmen after 1:30 to identify the winners in the following categories:

  • Snowman with the most Lincoln Lion Spirit
  • Snowman with the most holiday spirit
  • Most creative snowman

(You can start building your snowman over the course of the week if that is better with your schedule)

December 21: Snowball Fight: Write a compliment or kind thing in a piece of paper about a person or kind things that would be thoughtful for anyone to read. Then crumple the paper into a "snow ball". Individually or as a class/team throw your snowballs at the person/class that you want to share your kind words with before we leave for break!

Thank You to Mrs. Clark

Eeva Clark, who has been our counselor while Kristen has been out, will end her time with us on Tuesday. She will be off to Finland to spend the holidays with her family. We have been so lucky to have her keep our counseling program afloat during Kristen's leave. She has truly done a great job picking up and running with all of our initiatives and procedures midstream.

Thank you Eeva for all that you did to support our Lions. Come and visit us any time you're able. We'd love to see you again!